Your Loads. Your Way.

The Haulynx ELD Powered by Xpress Technologies is the only ELD designed to make you money. How? Xpress Technologies provides an ELD with no monthly fees, obligations, or contracts, which allows XT to push tailored freight offers directly to you. Freight that you may not have had access to before at a great price.

Exclusive Load Access

One of the many unique features of the Haulynx ELD Powered by Xpress Technologies is your access to dedicated freight opportunities and exclusively tailored loads. The more you use the Haulynx ELD the better and more relevant the freight offers.

eLog Reporting

Spend less time on eLogs, and Hours of Service compliance, and more time on the road.


Report and track International Fuel Tax Agreement miles by state.


Quickly manage and create Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports for trucks and trailers.

GPS Location

GPS location for real-time fleet management and a bird’s eye view of your organization.

EZ Plug-n-Play

Designed for simple, plug-n-play installation in your truck’s diagnostic port.

FMCSA Registered

The Haulynx ELD is registered with the FMCSA to keep you in compliance.

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