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The trucking industry is responsible for moving more than 70% of our nation’s freight. This means that there is a lot of money to be had in the industry; however, it also means that there are a lot of other trucks and companies already out there on the road. With such a large number of trucks and a large amount of freight, posting trucks and finding loads that are right for you can be complicated, time-consuming, and competitive.

Load boards can come with costly fees and subscriptions, stale data, time-consuming follow-ups, and high competition with low rates. At Xpress Technologies, we understand the needs and demands of today’s trucking industry. To excel, you need a tool that provides more stability and control over the needs of your business without having to worry about all of the negatives like lagging data and low rates.

The Xpress Technologies Difference

We are committed to providing carriers like you with consistent, reliable, and profitable freight. Xpress Technologies isn’t a trucking company; we’re a technology company. By harnessing years of experience in trucking and combining it with cutting-edge technology, we have created a large fleet-level tool that helps small carriers and owner-operators access the best freight from shippers nationwide. The entire Xpress Technologies (XT) suite of ELD, Driver, Loads, and Fleet Management tools are best-in-class, enabling access to personalized freight and technology needed to grow your business.

Xpress Technologies App Features

The Xpress Technologies App is the next evolution of load boards — it is a platform that learns from your preferences to recommend the right loads, at the right time, at a better rate.

The Xpress Technologies App also helps ease your daily routine and connects you with the right loads with essential features like:

  • Favorite Lane Alerts: Easily set up your favorites so that you receive notifications of loads in your favorite lanes without having to search for them manually.
  • Post Trucks: Post your trucks directly in the app with the ability to quickly view available loads for specific dates and locations.
  • Load Management: Grow your business and stay organized by keeping track of all of your loads, not just the ones booked on our platform, and quickly fill gaps in your truck’s load schedule.

XT Telematics Device

In addition to a full suite of load and fleet management tools, Xpress Technologies offers two unique devices to enhance and improve how you get freight – at no cost to you. The Xpress Technologies load optimization telematics device is designed for carriers who want to take advantage of reduced check calls, freight management functions, and dedicated freight opportunities but want to retain their current ELD provider.

Xpress Technologies Load Optimization Device Features

The full suite of tools and features with the XT Telematics Device includes:

  • Smart Load Distribution Platform:
    • Advanced freight matching
    • Opportunities for dedicated freight
    • Access loads based on preference
  • Personalized Load Matching and Recommendations:
    • Less time searching for freight
    • Instantly book loads
  • Searchable Loads:
    • Easily search and access all loads in our system
  • Automatic and Manual Truck Posting:
    • Powers advanced freight matching to save time
  • Fleet Management:
    • Bird’s-eye view of your truck(s)
  • Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking:
    • Up-to-date, real-time location sharing and map view
  • Load Management:
    • Actively manage all loads — both XT and carrier’s own loads
    • Geofencing-enhanced with location sharing
  • Automatic Load Completion Based on Geofencing:
    • Geofence around drop-off location automatically completes load
  • GPS Navigation:
    • In-app navigation to load pick-up or drop-off location
  • Plug & Play Installation:
    • Easy installation (includes bypass wiring)

Go Further with Xpress Technologies

There’s no need to be tied to your computer looking at load boards all day when you can access our tools and features right from your phone. The Xpress Technologies integrated platform allows you to get the best freight for your needs and stay on the move with our iOS and Android-enabled app. Additionally, our platform helps carriers maintain their independence and grow their business by offering freight opportunities based on carrier wants, not loads based on brokerage needs.