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There’s a misconception amongst carriers that you have to pay top dollar to access the best load boards. The unfortunate reality of some load boards is that they can be a source for dishonest double brokering, forced dispatches and other scams. Some load boards may not provide enough haul information, or they offer constant below-market rates, and there’s a belief among carriers that you have to pay top dollar to access the best load boards.

Ready to set all these issues aside? Xpress Technologies offers a reliable, no-cost load board app for carriers of all sizes.

Here’s what you need to get started:

The Xpress Technologies Load Board: Major Carrier Cost Savings

Reputable, headache-free load boards can come with monthly fees ranging from $39.95 to $249— and don’t always paint the full picture of what each haul entails. Other boards don’t give you nearly enough information, or they trick you with a “bait and switch” con that leaves you stuck with a poor rate, calling you with a lower price only after you agree to take on a load. Either way, you’re not making the kind of profits you should be making for the work you’re doing.

Pricing with Xpress Technologies

Xpress Technologies never charges you for access to our load feed or our app, and we offer our hardware products at no cost — which means more profits for you. Our revenue model is structured around the freight itself, as well as factors like:

  • Market conditions
  • Load specifics
  • Shipper requests

We possess years of industry knowledge, and we take on the complexities of the load offer process through our devices, app, and other technologies, meaning we can offer you, as the carrier, our best possible rates on every haul, without any upfront costs on your end.

Because our load recommendations are powered by machine learning, our complete suite of essential tools comes with no cost, no hidden fees, no contract, and you’re never under any obligation to accept our recommended loads. The more you work with us, the better we’ll get at personalizing recommendations for you, which means our load board only grows in value for you over time.

Getting Started Is Unbelievably Simple

At Xpress Technologies, we believe that it should be simpler to connect carriers with great, equitably priced freight, which is why we make it a breeze for carriers like you to implement our technology. Getting started happens in just a few easy steps:

  • Connect with our Xpress Technologies Team
  • Download our app and begin choosing and managing loads in real-time
  • Take freight with us and become eligible to get your XT Telematics Device

Using our app and our devices, you can take on new loads at any time. Using the Xpress Technologies app means tracking down better hauls and easier freight management from end to end, even with your current customer relationships.

A Better Route for Finding New Loads

If you’re not already familiar with the challenges carriers face in dealing with some pay-to-play load boards, it’s time to seek other alternatives.

Frustrations surrounding certain load boards can be found on web pages across the internet, with complaints ranging from insufficient information about critical load requirements to inefficient claiming processes, slow response times, and placing bids on loads that have already been covered. Many load boards glitch out, and by the time you’re back at a particular load posting, you’ve lost the bid — and the earnings — to another carrier. It’s not always worth the investment or the hassle.

Working with the Xpress Technologies load board removes these pain points, making it simpler than ever for you to capture convenient, profitable hauls in no time.

Each search for a new haul is triggered by your location, so you can see and plan different loads based on your area, strategically take on loads based on proximity, find out where carriers are in high demand to negotiate better rates, and plan your hauls in sequence.

Once you find the right load, booking in-app is simple.

Do More with Xpress Technologies

Xpress Technologies is so much more than a load board or an app. Our integrated platform is easy to implement and will help you pinpoint the best freight for you, negotiate the best rates, manage your freight, and stay on the go to maximize your earning potential. With our best-in-class technology, you choose the freight opportunities that are right for you.

We’ve witnessed the trends of the trucking industry for over 35 years, gotten our hands dirty, and developed technologies that make sense for carriers to put you back in the driver’s seat of your own business — both literally and figuratively.