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At Xpress Technologies, we believe in empowering independent owner-operators like yourself to run your business as successfully as possible on your own terms from anywhere. As an owner-operator, your business is your own—you are the boss—and we want to enable you to find great freight and experience growth with an app that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

However, as proud as we are of the app we’ve created, we can’t take all the credit. As a carrier-centric company, our focus on the customer is what has allowed us to create such an efficient, customizable, no-cost software. We sought out and used valuable carrier input to design this app. Without owner-operators and others in the freight industry providing us with useful feedback and insights, this app wouldn’t have been possible—we are always looking to improve by continually using feedback to make updates.

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The Xpress Technologies App was made with owner-operators’ day-to-day needs in mind.

Download the Xpress Technologies App to book your first load today.

A Freight App Designed With You in Mind

As a customer-focused company, we continuously seek out feedback from carriers who use the Xpress Technologies App so we can optimize the tool to best suit the needs of those using it. Our Loyalty and Insights Team lead the charge in designing surveys and using this feedback in conjunction with our product and other teams to make improvements.

With backing from U.S. Xpress, Xpress Technologies is leveraging over 35 years of experience in the trucking industry. In fact, most of the Xpress Technologies team has worked in the industry for years, meaning that the Xpress Technologies App was designed with carriers and their unique needs in mind.

We know the industry inside and out and have built an app that we genuinely believe in and stand behind as a must-have for those looking to excel in the world of freight. The Xpress Technologies App ensures carriers stay compliant with federal and local regulations as they find and book loads that fit their unique preferences.

The Xpress Technologies Difference

So, why choose Xpress Technologies? Partnering with us enables you to take control and run your businesses the way you want. We are reimagining and innovating the freight marketplace to provide carriers with the next evolution of freight management.

The Xpress Technologies App is so much more than a load board. With our interactive map feature, for example, you can get an overall visual of load opportunities in your area and refine your search with advanced filters. It even uses advanced algorithms to learn from your preferences to make suggestions that can optimize your load and route recommendations.

We understand that as an owner-operator, you handle everything yourself, and it can be frustrating trying to compete with larger carriers and companies when trying to find freight. But with the Xpress Technologies App, we set out to address a lot of the pains and issues self-starting small carriers face. Through our continual feedback loop, informed by surveys and focus groups, we’ve designed software that cuts out the guesswork and handles the “heavy lifting” for you.

App Features

Experience a real difference with the Xpress Technologies App. Our streamlined interface is designed around your unique needs to help you run your business as efficiently as possible. Some of its features include:

Load Scheduling:

The My Loads Schedule feature allows you to plan out your upcoming weeks directly from your mobile device with ease. With this tool, you can keep your trucks full by using the week-by-week calendar view to see where there are gaps in your freight schedule and easily fill them with active load opportunities directly within the app.

Personalized Load Matching:

The Xpress Technologies App uses advanced, smart algorithms that learn your load preferences the more you use it. Over time, you will get increasingly personalized load matches so you can optimize your routes and avoid deadheading. This feature keeps you from having to constantly search for loads yourself.

Take Control With Xpress Technologies

As an owner-operator, finding great freight shouldn’t be a hassle. When you’ve got a million things to handle and worry about, finding loads that suit your needs shouldn’t be one of them. With the Xpress Technologies App, you can take control of your business and optimize your operations.

Leveraging years of experience in the freight industry, our team set out to design an app that addresses the everyday concerns of carriers and gives them control. Not only do we have resources available to help you on your journey towards running a successful freight business, but we are constantly seeking feedback from our customers to make improvements.

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