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Xpress Technologies launched expansive enhancements to its mobile app in order to better meet the needs of carriers through innovative, problem-solving technology. With the Xpress Technologies App, carriers are empowered to run their business from anywhere, enabling growth on their own terms. Additional features were designed to ease the challenges they face day-to-day: being frustrated and unable to find loads that meet their needs, wasting time scouring load boards, and not having enough details about a load, to name a few.

Essential Business Features for Carriers

President of Xpress Technologies Joel Gard said, “We redesigned our mobile app with one purpose in mind: to support carriers in managing their business with greater ease & personalization. We have leveraged our 35 years of transportation experience to give carriers an easy-to-use resource right at their fingertips that boasts unrivaled features and premier user experience design.”

Through the Xpress Technologies App, carriers have access to a freight marketplace that recommends loads tailored to meet a carrier’s specific needs and preferences. For dispatchers, the app saves time by helping to connect fleets with the right loads.

The enhanced app was designed to provide ease for carriers by addressing the challenges they face day-to-day.

Carriers can grow their business and save time as the Xpress Technologies App understands preferred lanes and load characteristics, making revenue-maximizing load recommendations on freight that carriers actually want to haul. This means carriers are further empowered with choice and transparency through new features and an intuitive user experience: My Loads Schedule, Enhanced Map Search, Searchless Loads, and Carrier-Centric Design.

My Loads Schedule

The Xpress Technologies App streamlines the daily routines of our carriers and connects them with the right loads, all from the convenience of a mobile device. Owner-operators and fleet managers can plan out their coming weeks in advance with a view that lets users quickly fill in schedule gaps with loads from our robust freight marketplace. Load booking is easily executed within the app making the entire process incredibly simple. If managing multiple trucks in a fleet, decision-makers can see and manage all trucks’ schedules in one place, from anywhere.

Enhanced Map Search

The new map search functionality shows nearby loads, so all a carrier needs to do is tap and book. The intuitive nature of the map allows a carrier to view multiple loads and rates for any destination point across the country. Finding and booking loads has never been easier. When combined with load recommendations and posted trucks, the app provides a better search experience for a carrier.

Searchless Loads

With features like “My Lanes” and “Post Trucks,” the app features loads that match carriers’ preferences and availability, so they don’t have to constantly search for the freight they want. A carrier can upgrade how they find freight by favoriting preferred lanes and posting trucks then taking a backseat while the Xpress Technologies App tailors loads to save them time and fit their individual needs.

Carrier-Centric Design

The Xpress Technologies App features a streamlined interface designed around the unique needs of the carriers it serves. Built by truckers for truckers, the app features both light and dark modes and is entirely structured around a single purpose; to make running a trucking company easier and empowering carriers to book loads on their terms.

The Xpress Technologies App harnesses the 35+ years of trucking experience that U.S. Xpress embodies to empower entrepreneurial carriers through load recommendations, fleet management, and an electronic logging device (ELD). The app’s latest feature upgrades, combined with the Xpress Technologies ELD, serve as a fully FMSCA-compliant Hours of Service (HOS) solution. Carriers now have a one-stop-shop that provides access to great freight, robust fleet management, and HOS compliance through a single app, available on both Android and iOS.

Xpress Technologies is the next evolution of the North American freight marketplace. Xpress Technologies provides revolutionary technology and service solutions designed to empower carriers to grow their businesses, build relationships, and access fair and profitable freight. Working with a partner like Xpress Technologies will help you find the right freight at the right time to help your business thrive.

Download the Xpress Technologies App in the Apple App or Google Play stores to see the difference.