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You’ve been looking for your next load for what feels like ages, combing through hundreds of posts on your load board. You think you’ve found a good fit, but by the time you call on the load, it’s already booked. You call the company directly, and you’re put on a lengthy hold. You close out of the load board with a sigh, looking around your cab, thinking of additional ways to secure loads and avoid deadhead.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many carriers in today’s competitive trucking industry. Digital brokerage is revolutionizing the carrier world, but when you need your technology to do more, where can you turn?

The answer: Xpress Technologies.

Xpress Technologies is reimagining the future of freight with cutting-edge technology that helps carriers find and book the freight that match their business’ needs.

What Is Xpress Technologies?

Xpress Technologies combines a pioneering machine learning platform with the U.S. Xpress Logistics brokerage. Xpress Technologies puts carriers first and built a platform with a continual feedback loop from independent trucking companies like yours to make sure it continually addresses the unique needs of carriers.

What Makes Xpress Technologies Different?

Load boards can be an efficient way to find freight, make bids, and negotiate prices. There are many digital load board platforms available that can help owner-operators, and small carriers find freight. A number of brokerage companies like Uber Freight, Convoy, and J.B. Hunt, have online applications that carriers can use to find freight.

One of the biggest advantages of digital load boards is how many loads carriers are able to find. However, this advantage can also be a drawback. If you have to sort through hundreds or thousands of posts to find freight that suits your load and lane preferences, you can end up wasting a lot of time and energy.

Xpress Technologies is making finding the right freight easier than ever with machine learning-powered software so carriers can find the loads and lanes that suit their needs without the hassle of manually searching. We are a carrier-centered freight brokerage dedicated to helping you find the right loads that will drive your business forward and save you time.

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The Right Load Everytime

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What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning has been used in platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. Xpress Technologies is the first to bring this powerful technology directly to carriers. Our machine learning-powered software learns from each load you book, similar to how Netflix recommends movies to watch based on past views or how Amazon recommends products to buy based on recent purchases. Based on what lanes you typically drive and what loads you usually take, the system will recommend similar future loads. Better yet, you’ll receive notifications when those loads become available. Carriers can then self-accept loads, which decreases truck deadheading and increases your revenue. Say goodbye to time-consuming load boards and hello to time-saving personalized recommendations.

Why Wait?

The answer is you shouldn’t. Xpress Technologies combines traditional brokerage with digital brokerage using groundbreaking machine learning technology and provides carriers like you with the best tools possible to help you grow your business. This reimagining of the freight marketplace is what sets Xpress Technologies apart.

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The future of the freight industry lies with us — one journey at a time.

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