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In the event you undergo a roadside inspection, follow these simple steps in the Xpress Technologies app to provide a DOT officer with the information they need so you can quickly get back on the road:

  1. Tap the Hours menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    HOS Screen
  2. In the top right of the Hours section of the Xpress Technologies App, tap the Inspection icon item denoted by the lowercase “i” and shield.
    Clocks and logs screen
  3. To ensure the DOT officer only accesses the information they need, tap the Lock icon in the top right of the Inspection screen to create a numeric passcode for your privacy.
    DOT Inspection Mode
  4. The DOT officer will request either to see your logs directly on your mobile device or that you send the logs to a remote DOT office for review.
    • To display your logs for the DOT officer on your mobile device, tap the Display Printout button.
      Log Printout function
    • To send your logs to a remote DOT officer, await instructions from the on-site DOT officer and select either Send Logs Via Web Service or Send Logs Via Email.
      Sending log screen
    • Should the on-site DOT officer request to see your most recent DVIR, tap the Show DVIR button.
      Display recent vehicle inspection screen


With Xpress Technologies powering your ELD, we’re committed to making stressful encounters, like roadside inspections, go as easy as possible. Stay safe out there.

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