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Upgrade your load management process and submit your proof of delivery documents for payment processing directly within the Xpress Technologies app.

Follow these steps to upload or take photos of your load documents to easily manage your invoicing and payment requests:

  1. Once you have booked a load with Xpress Technologies, open your Xpress Technologies App and tap the Loads icon in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    Loads Menu
  2. From the list of loads displayed under My Loads, tap the load you wish to add your documents to.
    My Loads
  3. Within the Load Details, scroll to the Documents section and tap the Add Documents button.
    Document Upload Button
  4. Tap the type of document you wish to attach to the load record from the displayed list of document types.
    Document Type
  5. Tap the method you’d like to use to upload the document.
    Upload Type
  6. Pro Tip: Scanning the document with your camera is an easy way to import physical documents while on the go.
    Scan Documents with Camera

  7. Once you’ve uploaded your document, you may choose to upload additional pages. Tap the Add Page button to add more pages to the upload, or tap Confirm & Upload to finish adding the document to your load record.
    Upload Confirmation


Uploading documents to your load records will save you time by allowing you to quickly send an invoice for payment once you’ve completed your loads.

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