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The role of a small fleet dispatcher is a complex balancing act that requires excellent business, analytical, and communication skills, and most likely, several cups of coffee.

There are many moving parts in America’s fastest-growing industry, and dispatch plays an important part in the business of hauling freight. We are breaking down the role of a dispatcher to prove it is no easy task and demonstrate how Xpress Technologies (XT) can enhance your status as the team’s hero.

Dispatcher Duties

When you work in the office for a small fleet, it’s safe to say you take on many roles, which often include the duties of a dispatcher. In short, dispatch wants to provide solutions and satisfaction to their drivers while trying to meet the expectations of a broker or a customer. This means the dispatcher continuously juggles the needs of those they work with to keep everyone happy.

Late load? The dispatcher is giving status updates to the client.

Load met with unexpected problems? The dispatcher is finding rapid solutions.

Lose money on a load getting a driver home to their family? The dispatcher is already searching load boards, trying to make a profit on the next trip.

Imagine each stressful scenario mentioned above, several times a day, and that is a fraction of what a dispatcher tackles daily. They schedule truck arrivals for product pick-up and delivery, track the progress of transit to ensure on-time service, spot and communicate weather delays, and map out trucking-friendly routes. Good dispatchers also handle contracts and the art of negotiation, which takes a special skill set to achieve lower freight rates.

Administrative Tasks

It’s widely known dispatchers ensure trucks are unloaded and back on the road as quickly as possible, but they also juggle back-office tasks simultaneously. You will find dispatchers in the office, glued to the computer or phone, all while handling paperwork, documentation to drivers, carrier compliance, reports, bills, and customer support for shippers, brokers, or drivers. To succeed, you must be dedicated, organized, and detail-oriented because there is so much to keep track of daily. If you don’t, who will?

Keeping Everyone Happy

Your focus is keeping drivers happy and handling back-office responsibilities, while steadily managing the relationships with brokers and shippers. A good day means your drivers received truthful information about load and unload times, drove safe routes, and everyone got paid on time. Keeping the peace is hard to accomplish when things don’t go as planned, as they often do in the logistics industry.

How XT Will Make You a Hero

After reading the tasks dispatchers manage daily, it’s obvious the pain points of this job can be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t know who to turn to for help. Luckily, Xpress Technologies provides a freight marketplace with big trucker tools & resources to ease your daily routine—at no cost.

You don’t have to spend every waking hour scouring the web to find freight for your fleet. With our suite of products, you can receive recommended load offers and instantly browse all available loads. XT provides complete dispatching and load life-cycle management with essential HOS, DVIR, IFTA, trailer, and telematics tracking tools. Everything is done through the platform – which means no messy paperwork, no phone calls, and no wasting time tracking information down. Everything you need is available in one convenient place.

We’re trusted by shippers of all sizes, which means Xpress Technologies can provide our community with access to consistent & reliable freight every single day. Xpress Technologies is developed to be easy to use for even the least experienced members of your team so that you can focus on what matters most. Better still, the more you use our innovative platform, the better our artificial intelligence technology understands your business. That frees up everyone to focus on the things that really matter, making you a hero.