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**Please note that your Xpress Technologies administrator must enable team driving for your account before you can track Hours of Service as a team.

To operate your truck and accurately track your Hours of Service as a team in the Xpress Technologies App, you’ll need to connect to the truck you intend to operate as Co-Drivers. Follow these simple steps to connect to and disconnect from your truck as a team:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    HOS Menu Item
  2. Connect to the truck you intend to operate as a team (Follow this guide to connect your Xpress Technologies App to a truck).
    Select Truck Button
  3. Your HOS screen will now indicate that you are the driver connected to the truck and will display odometer and speedometer readings. To become the co-driver of the truck, tap the ellipses (3 dots) in the top right corner of the Truck Connection details section and select Become Co-Driver.
    Become Co-Driver
  4. You will now be assigned to the Co-Driver position. To assign a Driver to the truck, connect to the truck using a separate mobile device with the Xpress Technologies App installed.
    Co-Driver Truck Connection Status
  5. Once connected to the truck using the second mobile device, you will see the driver and Co-Driver assignments. To swap between assignments, tap the ellipses and, depending on your current role, select the Become Driver or Become Co-Driver options.
    Co-Driver Setup Tray
  6. Great Job!

    You’re now equipped to accurately manage your hours of service as a driver team.

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