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With the ability to search for active freight opportunities in a web browser using Xpress Technologies, you can quickly grow beyond traditional load boards and instantly book freight. Follow these simple steps to find your next load:

  1. Upon logging in to Xpress Technologies, you will automatically be presented with a list of all available loads over the coming week. Should you navigate away from the load list, and want to return, simply click the Loads tab in the top navigation bar.
  2. You will be presented with a complete list of all available load opportunities and refining these loads to your preferences is simple.
  3. Type a city, state, or zip code in the “Pick Up Location” to start refining your search.
  4. Continue tuning. Choose a search radius, delivery location, date ranges, equipment type, price and more.


You’ve completed a personalized search for your next load. Clicking on a load in the search results will display further details about that freight opportunity. Book it today.


Xpress Technologies empowers independent trucking companies to run their businesses from anywhere, enabling growth on their own terms. Choice and transparency power Xpress Technologies as the day-to-day tool carriers need to book the right freight and safely operate their trucks to run a successful business.