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Finding nearby freight and load opportunities with the Xpress Technologies App is easy. Follow these steps to search for available freight using the map view in the Xpress Technologies App:

  1. After logging into the Xpress Technologies App, you will immediately be presented with the Search tool to find freight opportunities.
    map with blue dot showcasing location
  2. Tap the Loads Near You button to display nearby loads. In the top half of the screen, you will be shown nearby load locations in a map view. The bottom half of the screen will display the loads in a more traditional list view.
    Showing pricing in area
  3. To enter the map view, swipe down on the Load Tray handle (the long bar above 14 Loads). Note that the Load Tray is now minimized at the bottom of the screen. You can easily swipe between map and list views using the Load Tray handle.
    Shows the amount of loads in your route
  4. In the map view, loads are arranged as load clusters. Tap a load cluster to view summaries of the available loads in that area. Swipe left or right on the load summary box to navigate through the available loads in the load cluster.
    Map from Arizona to Idaho
  5. If a load catches your eye as you’re scrolling through the list, tap the load summary to view the load details and book that load.
    map from arizona to idaho with pricing


You’ve just unlocked a new freight-finding skill with the Xpress Technologies App map view.

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