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It’s easy to use the Xpress Technologies App to record your records of duty status (RODS) when paired with our Xpress Technologies ELD. After familiarizing yourself with the basics of the Hours of Service (HOS) screen, you’re just a couple taps away from updating your RODS. Follow these simple steps to easily capture your status changes:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    HOS Menu Option
  2. From the HOS screen, ensure that you are connected to the truck you’re intending to operate.
    Connected Truck
  3. Your default duty status will be set to OFF DUTY. If you begin driving the truck you are connected to (moving faster than 5mph), the Xpress Technologies App will automatically change to a DRIVING duty status.
    Driving Status
  4. To change your status manually, tap any of the duty statuses on your HOS screen. You will be given the option to enter notes about the status change and/or location details.
    Set Your Duty Status

    • If your account administrator has enabled Yard Moves or Personal Conveyance, you will be given the option of selecting those special categories when entering your ON-DUTY and OFF-DUTY status details.
  5. When you’ve completed your duty status change, tap the SAVE button to manually set that new status.
    Save Button
  6. After operating your truck and recording your final duty status, be sure to DISCONNECT from the truck by tapping the 3 Dots next to your truck name and selecting Disconnect from the menu option.
    Disconnect From Truck


With Xpress Technologies powering your ELD, we’re committed to making RODs go as easy as possible. Stay safe out there.

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