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Xpress Technologies consists of inspiring individuals who graduated from universities all over the map. We checked in with Zach Swartz, Business Intelligence Analyst, to learn about his journey from Arizona State University to Xpress Technologies, and hear his advice about life outside of graduation.

Where did you go to school, and what did you study? 

I went to Arizona State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management.  

What kind of culture did you look for while you were on the job hunt? 

During my career search, I focused on companies solving industry-level problems with modern technology.  

Has anything surprised you in life after graduation? 

The most significant surprise was the transition between daily in-person meetings and remote work from home. This enabled a greater focus on clear communication and adaptability to teamwork.  

What does your average day look like?  

My daily responsibilities include communicating data solutions to technology and operations leaders to effectively provide customer support. This includes sharing dashboards to track performance, discussing new market trends, and creating automated data solutions for the everyday business user through Microsoft Power BI and other automation tools. 

Tell us your favorite part of the job? 

My favorite part of my current role as a Business Intelligence Analyst is creating dashboards to highlight the most impactful opportunity for our entire organization. This keeps me motivated to connect with more colleagues to find inefficiencies and complete projects for our Network Strategy team. 

What do you like most about working for a tech company? 

My favorite part of working for a technology company is the consistent energy to find the next best solution, which is a beneficial driver for professional and personal development.   

Who is your role model? Why? 

My role model is Elon Musk for many reasons, mainly for his ability to go all-in on what he is most passionate about and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  

Has anything significantly impacted the beginning of your career? 

The greatest benefit to the beginning of my career was reaching out to preferred companies early for internships, and not hesitating to connect with interesting people already working in the industry to ask questions.  

If you could hop into a time machine today, what advice would you give yourself before entering the workforce?  

If I was able to provide advice to myself before accepting a position, I would say to always be confident in yourself and lead by example. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.  

As you look ahead to the next year in your business, what are you most excited about?  

I am most excited to continue our machine learning projects and widen our competitive edge in the industry.  

How does your current role compare to similar positions at other companies?  

The most significant improvement from my last role was the increased support to be creative and find brand new solutions. As an Analyst and Engineer, I greatly appreciate being a part of Xpress Technologies support to maximize future and current potential.  

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