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Mike White has served as Head of Carrier Sales at Xpress Technologies since the start of 2021—bringing with him more than seven years of experience leading sales and operations at parent-company U.S. Xpress.

When Xpress Technologies was born from the combination of the U.S. Xpress brokerage division and a Phoenix based startup, Mike’s leadership and experience building and managing brokerage sales and operations divisions made him a natural fit to lead the new Xpress Technologies sales organization.

With his pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice from Arizona State University, Mike expected his post-graduate journey would lead him toward a career in social work. When an unexpected opportunity arose with Knight Transportation to become a ground-level member of their new brokerage division, Mike fell in love with the transportation industry and never looked back. His experience building Knight’s brokerage operations into a high-powered organization caught the attention of Swift Transportation, where he was hired as their first brokerage employee and given the autonomy to build their new brokerage venture. After expanding Swift’s brokerage division to 25 employees and growing their book of business from nothing to market-leading in two years, U.S. Xpress brought Mike on in a similar capacity and looked to capitalize quickly on his natural leadership skills.


There’s no perfect day in trucking and logistics.

During his time at each company before joining U.S. Xpress, Mike learned the importance and value of having the right technology and tools to support the organization’s operations. Mike was an early guiding voice in the partnership and developmental roadmap for Xpress Technologies. Today he is shaping how the technologies that are being developed in-house are overlaid into daily sales operations. Recognizing the important role technology plays in the growth of any organization sits at the core of why Mike and Xpress Technologies are democratizing technology that was once only available to the biggest and wealthiest in the industry.


The community that we serve requires diversity in decision making.

While a leap from pursuing a career in social justice to becoming a respected leader in the trucking industry may be unique, Mike continues to apply social justice concepts to his leadership style, always seeking to elevate his peers. Mike highlights one of the primary ways he finds fulfillment in his role, “The ability to take an employee and really develop them—so long as they can come with some grit and tenacity in wanting to get the job done.” Taking it a step further, Mike applies his social justice worldview and is driven to support the diverse aspirations of the community of carriers and shippers that he serves, one journey at a time.

Based in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Mike White encourages those around him to ask lots of questions, be curious, and make sure to take the time to listen and understand.