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There are times when you haul freight for direct customers or other brokers. While the details of loads booked directly with Xpress Technologies (XT) will be automatically created in the mobile app once booked, the freight management capabilities of the Xpress Technologies App make it easy for you to manage non-XT loads effectively. Follow these simple steps to manually create and track a load:

  1. Tap the Loads menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. On the Loads screen, tap the plus (+) symbol in the top right of your screen to begin creating a new load.
    Add Load
  3. Enter your load origin details starting with the address, then pick-up date, the shipper’s name and finally any notes you may have about the load or location.
    Add Origin
  4. If you have more than one stop for this load, tap the Add Stop button and enter the destination details.
    Add Stop
  5. Enter your destination details starting with the address, then drop-off date, the receiver’s name and finally any notes you may have about the load or location.
    Add Destination
  6. Before finalizing the creation of your load, enter the details of the freight you’re hauling: BOL #, Weight, Commodity, Equipment Type, Price, etc.
    Add Destination
  7. Tap Save after confirming your load details.
    Add Destination
    • If this is a lane you haul frequently, consider saving it as a template to pre-load the details next time you take this lane. Tap the Save Template toggle to save this load as a template and choose the template when creating a new load.
    • If either the shipper or receiver are common locations for your loads, consider saving them in your location address book by tapping the 3 dots icon next to the Origin and Destination and choosing Save address to favorites. This will allow you to choose this quickly location from your address book the next time you create a load.

That wasn’t so hard!

You’ve just created a load in the mobile app and can now track it to completion for detailed record keeping and efficient dispatching.
Next, follow this simple guide to change a load’s status as you or your driver pick up and drop off freight.


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