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If you are a dispatcher or fleet manager, you understand managing a load from pick-up to drop-off is a simple way to track your business success. Follow these easy steps to manage a load from pick-up to drop-off using the Xpress Technologies Web App:

To view your new load (either booked with Xpress Technologies, or manually created by you), go to the upper navigation bar and click Loads.

A new sub menu will appear on the left hand side of your screen. Your updated load can be viewed by clicking the All Active Loads menu option.

In addition to seeing the load status updated in the web application, you can also see and manage your load in the Xpress Technologies mobile app.

From the list of All Active Loads, click the View My Loads button within the row of the load you wish to manage.

Once the status of a load has changed, for example your driver has picked up the load, select the Additional Details button to manage status changes.

Continuing the example of your driver picking up a load, select Confirm Pickup.

Verify the load was picked up on time. Then enter the date and time your driver entered and exited the shipper yard with the load. Once you’ve entered the correct information, click Confirm.

After you have confirmed your information for each load status change, from pick-up to drop-off, check out the Completed Loads section at the bottom of the left-hand menu to review all of your completed loads.

That’s it! You have just successfully managed a load in the Xpress Technologies Web App.

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