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Follow these easy steps to manually create a load from pickup to drop-off in the Xpress Technologies Web App.

From the Xpress Technologies Web App home page, also referred to as the Available Loads page, click the Create Load button in the top left corner.

Then select, Create New.

Enter your load origin details by first choosing a location within the green ORIGIN section. Fill in the location, date, shipper, and any additional information you may have.

If your load has multiple stops along the way, click ADD STOP+

An additional box will appear for you to fill in the location, date, pick-up, receiver, and any notes you may need.

Next, fill in the DESTINATION box by choosing the location, date, receiver, and any necessary information.

Under the ASSIGN LOAD box, select your driver, the truck that will carry the load, and if applicable, the trailer.

After that, it’s time to fill in the LOAD INFO box with your billing info, equipment type, and price.

There is also a drop-down to add information like BOL#. PO#, weight, commodity, quantity, and packing type.

After the load information is complete, click Create Load. 

Nice! Your load has been created.

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