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Xpress Technologies provides an intuitive digital platform with one goal in mind: to help you grow as a carrier. Whether you’re on the go or back in the office, managing your fleet with real-time truck location is critical to keeping your trucks loaded and rolling and delivering great customer service to your shippers. Follow these simple steps to manage your fleet’s location from a bird’s-eye view:

    1. Login to your Xpress Technologies account.
    2. From the Xpress Technologies Web App home screen, click the Fleet tab in the top navigation bar.
      Fleet Tab
    3. Click the Map tab header to view a map displaying the latest location of your trucks.
      Map 1

Trucks are tracked using two different methods:

      • Via Smartphone — Requires the installation and setup of the Xpress Technologies App on your driver’s Android or Apple mobile device.
      • Via Xpress Technologies ELD – Requires the installation of the Xpress Technologies Electronic Logging Device.
    1. To zoom in closer to your trucks’ locations, click any of the numbered clusters.
      Map 2

Trucks being tracked using the Xpress Technologies App will display the icon and trucks being tracked using the Xpress Technologies ELD will display the icon.

  1. Click on an icon to display that truck’s driver, their latest location, and when their device last updated.
    Truck Details

It’s that easy!

Getting a bird’s eye view of your fleet helps you to stay in the know without the need for check calls.


Xpress Technologies empowers independent trucking companies to run their businesses from anywhere, enabling growth on their own terms. Choice and transparency power Xpress Technologies as the day-to-day tool carriers need to book the right freight and safely operate their trucks to run a successful business.