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Without the right tools in place, finding freight and managing every load can be a challenging task. While owner-operators only have to manage one or a handful of vehicles at a time, there are a lot of responsibilities and moving parts to juggle.

In addition to finding freight, communicating with brokers, maintaining your vehicle, staying on top of compliance, and running your business, you also have to keep track of every load, plan routes, and balance schedules.

Xpress Technologies is dedicated to helping owner-operators maximize their potential by providing the support needed to manage every load as easily as possible.

3 Minute read

See for yourself how the Xpress Technologies App makes load management easier than ever.

Download the app today to book your first load.

Explore all of the ways the Xpress Technologies App handles load management, from finding freight to scheduling upcoming loads, to giving you the load details you need for a successful delivery.

A Ready Assortment of Well-Priced Loads

Xpress Technologies is backed by U.S. Xpress and leverages over 35 years of experience in the freight industry. In fact, Xpress Technologies was created with the goal of reimagining the entire freight brokerage system using a modern, tech-driven infrastructure that enables carrier success.

Whether you’re looking to book freight through the self-service feature in the Xpress Technologies App or prefer to communicate directly with a Carrier Xperience Rep, finding ideal loads is simple. The more you book freight with Xpress Technologies, the more personalized load recommendations you’ll get. You can find and get loads quickly through the app with just the tap of a button at any time of day. Save your favorite lanes or post a truck, and the Xpress Technologies app will notify you when there are available loads matching your preferences.

Having a good assortment of possible loads is only half the equation; it can be frustrating finding a potential freight opportunity with a competitive rate, only to have the rate switched on you down the line. Xpress Technologies prioritizes transparent solutions so you can make the decisions that make the most sense for your business. That’s why we offer up-front pricing information. When you book loads with Xpress Technologies, whether it be with the self-service option in the Xpress Technologies App, or over the phone with one of our brokers, you can rest assured the rate you’re promised is the rate you’ll get, including accessorials.

See Upcoming Loads

The Xpress Technologies App also comes with an intuitive scheduling feature so you can manage loads and your schedule as well. The “My Loads Schedule” feature allows you to see all of the upcoming loads you have booked in one place so you can track and follow your schedule with ease. Using this feature, you can quickly identify and fill gaps in your load schedule with one-touch load searches.

Xpress Technologies has developed a host of tools to help carriers manage their entire business. Input loads booked through other load boards as well for a consolidated view of all of your booked freight in one place. Using the Xpress Technologies App, you can track every load, not just the ones you booked through Xpress Technologies. 

A Platform That Supports You as You Grow

If you’re thinking of expanding your operation in the future, the Xpress Technologies App has got you covered. Whether you’re planning to add additional trucks to your business permanently or planning to rent vehicles during the peak season, you can manage multiple load schedules in the Xpress Technologies App.

This capability makes it easier than ever to take advantage of great freight rates during the busiest time of the year, boost profits, and bring in additional revenue.

Adding new or extra trucks to a user’s account is a simple three-step process:

    1. Log into your Xpress Technologies account
    2. Click “Add New Truck” in the top right corner of the screen
    3. Enter the vehicle’s information, including make, model, and vehicle identification number (VIN), and click “Save.”

Keep Customers Informed

With the Xpress Technologies App, you can easily keep your customers posted. You can even share your location, facilitating transparency along the supply chain. This level of communication helps to build positive relationships with customers, and sets you up for long-term success.

Your Load Management Partner

As Xpress Technologies President, Joel Gard shared, “Xpress Technologies is solving challenges for both shippers and carriers by assembling an innovation-focused team that is building and deploying new technologies which streamline the digital brokerage process and aids in our curation of a high fidelity experience for our partners.”

With the Xpress Technologies App, you can manage your entire schedule of freight loads, balance multiple vehicles, and develop your business exactly the way you want.

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