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According to the American Trucking Associations, truckers transported 11.84 billion tons of freight, making up $791.7 billion in gross freight revenues in 2019. So how can you, as an owner-operator, maximize your profitability within this booming industry? You need to have the best tools at your disposal to transport goods efficiently and effectively.

You’re probably already aware of the importance of load boards, but you might be missing out on one of the most helpful load board tools for increasing your efficiency: map search. Some load boards contain this invaluable instrument, and it can significantly increase the revenue of your trucking business and save you time.

How Map Search Works

Map search helps carriers find loads through an easy-to-use interface that adds a whole new dimension to planning routes. You can visually search for available loads near you to easily spot the best loads for your journey.

It’s important to use a load board that has both a map search function and a mobile application so that you can use map search while on the road. Mobile applications should not be used while operating a vehicle, but you can use your mobile device when stopped to optimize your transit and quickly find your next load.

The Benefits of Map Search

  • Optimize your time
  • Keep your truck full
  • See the best trucking routes
  • Find where trucks are in high demand

The main benefit of using map search is that you can more strategically plan your drop-offs and pick-ups. You can identify a load near your current drop-off destination and book it, so your next pick-up minimizes any miles driven empty. When you plan your load pick-ups to be at or near your drop-off points, you optimize your travel time and can transport and earn more. However, distance isn’t the only consideration when booking freight. Map search allows you to visualize the actual time and energy it will take to get to the next load.

In addition to seeing a load’s distance from your drop-off location, you can also filter your map search by the overall size of the load. If you’re a carrier that takes LTL freight, you can drop off part of your load and pick up a partial new load near your drop-off location so that your truck is always full.

Map search also helps carriers find the best trucking routes available, and it enables you to compare load availability in different cities and states. You can search for clusters of available freight, highlighting where trucks are in the highest demand so that you can negotiate a better rate.

Many load boards contain the map search feature, including J.B. Hunt, Direct Freight, DAT, and Xpress Technologies.

Learn More About Load Boards and Map Search with Xpress Technologies

When navigating the world of trucking, you need the best tools and technology to increase your efficiency and increase revenue. Using a load board that utilizes map search is a great way to optimize your routes and lanes to save time and transport more.

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