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Cass Maziarka is passionate about work-life balance, building up her teammates, and has a knack for making connections across teams to find the best path forward.

Serving as Head of Finance for Xpress Technologies, Cass has a background in public accounting, financial planning, commercial finance, program management, and has over 20 years of corporate finance experience with marketing and technology teams.

Cass enhanced her skills early on with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University and earned her MBA with a concentration in Marketing through Depaul University – Chares H. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. More recently, Cass is back in school and working on a second degree from DePaul University for her Masters in Accountancy.

One of Cass’s greatest accomplishments has been balancing her career while raising four children with her husband. Cass discovered how to quickly prioritize the important tasks and learned how to engage others to get those tasks done, which helped shape her into the professional she is today.

In Cass’s eyes, work-life balance is incredibly important because whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or are at home with kids, it’s all hard. For example, as Cass shared, “with four kids you know when someone gets sick, it’s going to go through the whole house, and it will take weeks for everyone to fully recover.” Cass is fortunate to have a supportive husband and understanding employers over the years who have allowed her to create a stable work-life balance. Cass noted that her employers have, “valued my contributions, so I made sure that was reciprocated in my work.”

“My advice? Stay curious, network, and remember, honesty gets the job done faster.”

In the last five years, Cass discovered her passion for bridging the gaps between teams by building up those around her. Cass believes in being curious and receptive to a unique career path, asserting that “saying ‘yes’ with a sense of curiosity will present opportunities to expand your knowledge in ways you would least expect.” She enjoys helping those around her feel safe to explore and learn things that may be outside their comfort zone.

Cass also highlighted the importance of networking to propel your career and building a positive working environment. Networking is so important, especially in a role like finance where you may not be as comfortable reaching out to others. Cass shared that “it’s about the whole corporation, not just my little world.” Cass understands that each team is part of one company, and everyone needs to be in connection to succeed.

“The whole concept of networking feels daunting for some, but it’s for the good of your career and the company to reach out to those outside of your normal team.”

Building an honest culture is very important to Cass: “We don’t always make the right decision and when that happens, we have to be able to say ‘okay this isn’t right, let’s reevaluate.’” Cass believes candid conversations show leadership qualities in an individual.

“Being honest opens your mind and moves everyone forward.”

Cass has been fascinated with logistics for years and she shared that “in a way, having four kids is logistics at its finest.” As Head of Finance for Xpress Technologies Cass has appreciated the energetic leadership team, and working in an industry that is rich with opportunity. “There’s usually that second-guessing in a new position but I feel like I’ve been truly welcomed by XT’s friendly environment.”

When she is not working, you can find Cass with her husband in the stands of her children’s basketball games, cheering them on to victory. Cass also enjoys serving on the board at St. Viator Catholic Church, running, reading, and volunteering locally in Chicago.
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