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An IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) report is a simple way to keep track of your mileage from state to state.  Follow these easy steps to pull an IFTA report using the Xpress Technologies Web App:

1. To pull an IFTA report, go to the navigation bar and click Reports.

2. Under the Reports tab, click Select Report Type and a drop-down menu will appear.

3. Click IFTA Report.

4. Then, click Select a Truck and a drop-down will appear with your drivers to choose from.

5. You can also click All Trucks to review an IFTA report for your entire fleet.

6. Next, choose the date range you wish to review.

7. Almost there! Add the email address where you wish to receive the report.

8. If you’re sending the report to someone else, enter any clarifications or comments in the Comments section.

9. Review your selections, then click Generate Report

10. Finally, check your inbox to access your new IFTA report, provided as a .csv file.

You’ve just successfully pulled an IFTA report using the Xpress Technologies Web App!

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