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There is no question about it; carriers are dedicated professionals who haul cargo so it arrives on time and intact. Their dedication warrants dedicated freight in return. But just what is dedicated freight, and how do carriers get it from their brokers? Xpress Technologies has the answers. Read on to find out how your dedication can be rewarded.

What Is Dedicated Freight?

Most large brokerages offer load board systems where carriers can peruse, bid, and acquire shipments. There are some great load boards out there. These load boards provide transactional freight opportunities, but don’t typically offer dedicated freight.

Dedicated freight is usually when a carrier gets contracted freight for an extended period of time. The main benefit of dedicated freight is security. You’ll have a secured lane with guaranteed freight and pay, and won’t have to worry about finding your next load. It’s a win-win for both the carrier and the shipping company. The shipping company has a dependable carrier for frequent loads, and the carrier can bank on that source of revenue. But, dedicated freight is hard to come by on traditional channels.

How Do You Get Dedicated Freight?

Dedicated freight is coveted among carriers for their reliability and consistency, and brokers will award it to those who have a record of excellent service and loyalty. To establish such patterns, you must become a seasoned carrier who frequently hauls loads down the same lane and understands how to best work within the freight brokerage system, building lasting relationships.

This kind of ongoing, reliable work will suggest to brokers that you are not only skilled at what you do but also where you’ve chosen to do it. It takes time to create this record of excellence, and you need to be comfortable vocalizing what you want. Express what lanes you’re interested in, be flexible with what types of loads you take, and be ready to adapt to customer needs. In order to run dedicated freight smoothly, you’ll have to showcase outstanding communication and customer service. When you have experience and a strong track record, brokers will be confident that you’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, and have a back up plan if anything goes awry.

Brokers also tend to have relationships with major shipping companies; it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the companies your broker works with regularly. If you acquire enough experience, you can start requesting dedicated freight through those dedicated channels.

What Are the Benefits of Dedicated Freight?

The biggest benefit of dedicated freight is a dedicated revenue stream. Reliable, consistent shipping work can be a real gift for carriers who spend their time scouring load boards and bidding on hauls of interest. The freight industry is a fickle one, constantly changing with peaks and valleys, so the consistency of dedicated freight can be attractive.

Other benefits of getting dedicated freight from your broker are familiarity and efficiency. Because dedicated freight provides consistency, your overall efficiency will increase. It’ll be easier to problem solve and get the job done because you’ll be familiar with any challenges associated with your dedicated freight.

What are some other perks of obtaining dedicated freight work?

  • It keeps you working consistently, earning more as you go.
  • It improves efficiency as you’re familiar with your surroundings and are working on a set schedule.
  • It eliminates the stress of the ebb and flow of the traditional brokerage since you don’t have to rely only on load boards.

How Xpress Technologies Can Help You Get Dedicated Freight

The idea of dedicated freight is simple: consistent schedule, contracted rate, possibility for growth, same load, and same lane. The benefits of dedicated freight are huge. Securing dedicated freight can make it possible to grow. You can expand your business, knowing you have a predictable and reliable source of revenue.

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