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The Xpress Technologies App offers a robust, yet simple way of tracking your Hours of Service when connected to the Xpress Technologies ELD. Follow these simple steps to navigate the basics of your Hours of Service functionality:

  1. Tap the Hours menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    Hours of Service Menu
  2. The top section of the Clocks screen displays your current Duty Status.
    Hours of Service Clocks

    • Until you connect to a truck, your default duty status will be set to OFF DUTY.
  3. Tap the SELECT TRUCK button to connect to a truck and begin tracking your records of duty status.
    Select Truck

    • Select the truck you intend to operate from the list of available trucks and tap CONNECT.
  4. Note that the truck connection status area of your Clocks screen will now indicate you’ve connected to your truck and will display the truck name, your name, and odometer and speedometer readings.
    Connected Truck
  5. You can now tap any of the 4 statuses in the top section to change your current duty status.
    Tap any of the Duty Statuses
  6. The 4 colored clocks will display the remaining time you have for each of the FMCSA-allowable hours of service.
    Full Hours of Service Clocks

    • Beneath the 4 primary clock circles, you will find reset and rollover details as allowed under FMCSA guidelines.


Navigating your hours of service and staying compliant is easy with the Xpress Technologies App.

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