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With access to great freight opportunities, Xpress Technologies makes it easier than ever for carriers like you to search for and book the right loads at the right time directly from a web browser.

Follow these simple steps to quickly navigate through Xpress Technologies in a web browser:

  1. Login to Xpress Technologies (If you have not done so, sign up today to get instant access).
    Web Login
  2. To move through the web app, simply click the icons in the navigation menu at the top of the screen.
  3. To search for, book and manage your freight, click the Loads menu item.
  4. To manage your fleet, click the Fleet menu item.
  5. To manage Driver Logs, DVIR and Reports (IFTA, Fuel Purchase, HOS Violations), request your no-cost ELD today and unlock these additional powerful features at no cost.
  6. To manage your Account Settings (update user info, change password, opt-in to notifications), click your name in the top right of the menu navigation.

It’s that easy!

Navigating through Xpress Technologies in a web browser is simple, intuitive, and designed to make you successful.


Xpress Technologies empowers independent trucking companies to run their businesses from anywhere, enabling growth on their own terms. Choice and transparency power Xpress Technologies as the day-to-day tool carriers need to book the right freight and safely operate their trucks to run a successful business.