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The trucking industry is changing fast. In the coming year, dispatchers can expect to see changes that are likely to affect how the freight industry operates. We understand that so many new advancements and changes can be overwhelming. It can take time to adapt. However, if dispatchers want to stay ahead of the competition and continue to succeed, it will be beneficial for them to be open to these changes and adapt to new technologies when possible.

As the industry continues to change and grow, it will make room for additional truck dispatching jobs. More and more, companies will be on the lookout for dispatchers that can leverage available technology to help them grow. Learning to use these new tools can also increase your chances of being paid a higher salary.

While change can be challenging to process, successfully navigating change gives you a significant competitive advantage. Overall, the things that you can expect in the coming years will benefit your business. New technology will especially help dispatchers operate more efficiently and enhance your abilities to help you become more successful at what you do.

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More Technology Use

As you know, over the past few years, available jobs and contract rates have gone up, down, and up again; they’ve been all over the place. Technology, on the other hand, has been consistently gaining traction. The year 2022 will be no exception. In fact, you should expect more technology use than ever before.

Thanks to the many advancements in technology, systems and software that were once only available to the largest and wealthiest trucking companies are more accessible than ever before. The Xpress Technologies App, for example, features load matching tools to help you find loads and optimize freight for your drivers. With tools like this, you can gain access to freight tailored specifically to your fleet’s needs and preferences. You can also use it to manage your fleet with load tracking and freight scheduling capabilities.

Becoming familiar with the newly available tools will help build your skillset as a fleet dispatcher and improve your ability to operate more efficiently.

A Rise in E-commerce

Expect a continued rise in e-commerce. The United States continues to adapt after over a year of the nation working remotely and shopping primarily online. The pandemic was a catalyst for growth in the e-commerce industry. Now more than ever, people are used to doing most everything online.

While the process of clicking a button and having an item show up at their doorstep feels like a simple process for consumers, we know that there’s a complicated world of logistics behind it all. As a dispatcher, you have the opportunity to capitalize on this by acting as a first mover and seeking out the business of companies increasing operations in the e-commerce industry.

A Greener Business Model

With the effects of climate change becoming more evident, operating a business sustainably and “going green” has become increasingly important. Consumers are starting to demand more environmentally responsible practices; large corporations are building out their sustainability programs to meet their suppliers’ and providers’ directives. But how does this shift to greener business models affect small trucking companies? As more customers seek environmentally conscious companies within their supply chain, small trucking companies that prioritize sustainability will have a real competitive edge. While having a greener business model as a small trucking company may not be top of mind today, trucking companies that stay ahead of this industry trend will differentiate themselves in the coming years. The growing commitment to sustainability is making headway in the freight industry. As a result, you can expect companies with shipping needs to prioritize the environment and sustainability more than ever before. If your providers are not thinking about this critical subject, look at how others are approaching the topic. This style of business has the obvious benefit of helping the planet, but it has also been shown to increase revenue by helping build goodwill and promote a healthy brand image to consumers.

Increased Role of Data

As a dispatcher, you can expect more applications of tech to be used to help boost business operations in several ways. Data analytics, for example, is something more and more people and companies are using to give them insight into their performance and ways they can improve.

Most software will eventually be designed to handle a majority of data analysis for you. It’s becoming more user-friendly and can help you operate more efficiently while increasing revenue. As a dispatcher, it’s a good idea to become familiar with tools like this as they will only become more and more common.

Gradual Change

After reading this article, it may seem like the freight industry is being completely turned on its head if you are used to more traditional ways of doing things. Don’t get discouraged. While things are moving fast, it will always take time for things to change completely. You can pace yourself and take these changes in stride. Innovation, after all, and advancements in tech lead to increased efficiency and opportunities to make more money.

While change can be intimidating, having the right information, tools, and support to navigate that change can make all the difference. For example, Xpress Technologies offers a no-cost suite of products that can make your life easier as a fleet dispatcher. With our fleet management software, dispatchers can easily keep track of your trucks and loads with real-time GPS tracking and have a bird’s eye view of your fleet. Additionally, the Xpress Technologies Freight Marketplace can help you streamline the process of finding available loads by offering you tailored freight to meet your specific needs. The best part is that the more you use it, the more it will learn your preferences and can offer you better loads over time.

All of the Xpress Technologies tools and apps are user-friendly to make the process of implementing them into your daily practices as easy as possible. Over time, the more you use them the more efficient you will become. You can take on the whole suite of tools at once if you desire, or you can adapt to and integrate each one as your business is ready.

By staying on top of trends in the industry and leveraging tools that optimize your business operations, you set your fleet up for success. Want to learn more about what the future holds for finding freight? Check out our article:

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