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Efficiency is key as a dispatcher. But all too often, dispatchers find themselves bogged down by necessary but tedious tasks.

When polled, it’s no shock that most dispatchers shared the same five major concerns:

  1. Too much time dealing with administrative tasks—including find freight
  2. High fuel costs and the need for strategies to reduce fleet fuel costs
  3. Fleet vehicle maintenance and how it impacts efficiency and operating costs
  4. Sharing accurate information with fleet drivers
  5. Delivering freight to customers within the promised delivery window

Explore automated fleet management solutions

Xpress Technologies provides a cutting-edge suite of products dispatchers can use to optimize fleet management. It houses the tools dispatchers and their teams need all in one convenient location and at no cost.

A Load Board that Learns From Your Preferences

With the Xpress Technologies load board, you can post available trucks and take advantage of load recommendations that match your fleet’s availability and preferences.

The Xpress Technologies load board connects you and your fleet with loads that may be right for your company and learns your patterns and routes over time to offer better matches for increasingly efficient fleet operations.

Search for new hauls by location so you can see and plan loads for different drivers based on their routes, availability, Hours of Service (HOS), and vehicles. This tool can even help with backhaul trucking optimization to avoid the time your fleet spends on the road without any freight, as you can use it to help plan your team’s hauls in sequence.

You can even use the Xpress Technologies load board to research where carriers and fleets are in demand to negotiate better rates for your entire fleet.

A Fully Integrated, Real-Time Mobile App for the Entire Team

The Xpress Technologies load board isn’t just accessible from the web; it’s also available on our mobile app. The Xpress Technologies App provides a variety of functionalities that are beneficial to everyone on your team, from dispatchers to drivers.

Dispatchers can use the Xpress Technologies App to find and book loads, in real time. You can also access all relevant contact information through the app, so it’s easier than ever to find and claim loads for your fleet either digitally through the app or over the phone with a Carrier Xperience rep.

When your drivers use the Xpress Technologies App with the XT ELD, you can get a bird’s-eye view of routes and see driver locations in real time. This state-of-the-art feature means that you can also:

Share better routes and help drivers adapt to changing road conditions

Offer better customer service and allow customers to see driver locations

Provide more efficient load assignments that are informed by your driver’s available HOS

A No-Cost ELD Loaded with Features

Every commercial vehicle is required to have an ELD, so you should use an ELD that can do more for you.

Sure, the Xpress Technologies ELD tracks HOS, is equipped with GPS tracking features, and meets all requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), but it does even more. The Xpress Technologies ELD syncs with the Xpress Technologies App to give dispatchers the ability to view critical information at-a-glance and in real time, including:

  • How many hours your drivers have been on the road
  • How long until their next break
  • How many hours your drivers have left in their driving period

In tandem with the mobile application, the Xpress Technologies ELD helps you reroute drivers, dispatch the right drivers at the right times, better predict driver arrival times, and helps you stay on top of compliance. The Xpress Technologies ELD integrates with the Xpress Technologies App and can help boost profits by making it possible to keep your trucks loaded with tailored freight recommendations while automating other dispatching responsibilities to make your job more simple. From staying on top of administrative tasks, tracking your fleet’s location in real-time, planning backhaul opportunities and more, the Xpress Technologies ELD and App work to simplify the fleet management process.

At Xpress Technologies, we believe in putting carriers first. That’s why our fleet management tools are available at no cost, with no fees and no contract for you and your fleet. You’re never under any obligation to accept our recommended loads; they’re available to you to help boost your operation’s efficiency.

Managing a fleet is no small task. But it can be easier with the Xpress Technologies suite of fleet management solutions. Discover the products we offer and how you can use them to your advantage. Sign up for an account to streamline your fleet management today.

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