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Small fleet management is a lot easier said than done. And in truth, it doesn’t take hundreds of drivers or trucks for your operations to feel incredibly complex. Balancing driver Hours of Service (HOS) and changing routes, avoiding dead head hauls, juggling multiple customers, navigating electronic load boards, making calls to brokers, and more. It can be a lot.

However, many of the difficult and intricate parts of being a dispatcher of a small fleet can be simplified just by being able to view truck locations in real-time.

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For too long, managing small fleets has been about back-and-forth phone calls to drivers and customers, making assumptions about routes and driver progress, and patience amidst frustrating situations. But real-time fleet location data can simplify this entire process.

Limit Downtime and Dispatch the Right Driver at the Right Time

Without a full view of your trucks at all times, dispatching drivers can be a frustrating, labor-intensive process that can get in the way of your entire fleet’s productivity. A partial or limited view of your fleet makes it hard to coordinate pickups or share route changes. It means multiple phone calls and plenty of wait time. It’s an inefficient system that leaves dispatchers scrambling.

When you know where your drivers are at every moment, you can select the best driver for an added or unexpected pickup. GPS fleet tracking data provides you with the information you need to see which driver is nearby and who to dispatch. This happens through the power of telematics or the use of electronic mapping tools and GPS to locate a position, plan a route, and navigate a journey.

Better Adapt to Changing Road Conditions and Share Better Routes

When road conditions change and your carriers have to reroute, this too can be wildly inefficient. As a dispatcher, managing your small fleet without real-time views of where your vehicles are can make it hard to keep up with road conditions that can change by the minute while also reaching out to individual drivers. When dangerous weather conditions make certain routes unsafe or accidents or traffic jams prevent an initial route from being the quickest trip between two points, you can see this information in real time.

When carriers employ the Xpress Technologies App, you can see where they are with a bird’s-eye view in real-time and quickly communicate more efficient routes. With the Xpress Technologies App, you can see where they are with a bird’s-eye view in real-time and quickly communicate more efficient routes.

Sharing routing inefficiencies with your fleet and rerouting on the fly eliminates any guesswork. It also means fewer miles driven, optimized HOS, better order accuracy, faster delivery times and improved productivity, less wear and tear on fleet vehicles, lower fuel spend, and better customer satisfaction.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service and To-The-Moment Locations

Not only does real-time GPS tracking make it easier to share rerouting information with your fleet, but it also helps you share more accurate arrival times with your customers. Dispatchers managing small fleets know all too well how time-consuming it can be to call back and forth with drivers and customers, relaying ever-changing arrival times.

By having the capability to share real-time GPS locations and updates with customers, the XT ELD and Xpress Technologies App put the power back in your hands to provide exceptional customer service.

This is important for a few reasons. For starters, it helps you build trust with your customers, who will, in turn, establish a long-lasting working relationship with your company and small fleet. After all, the more reliable and trustworthy your fleet is, the more likely it is that your customers will continue to work with you.

Your fleet GPS tracking system allows you to better communicate delays or unexpected road issues with customers. With automated, real-time updates, your customers can see the route their freight is taking to get to them — and the reasons for any hold-ups if they occur.

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