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We interviewed Ali Buck to hear about her presentation overseas at the 2021 World Pride conference in Copenhagen. 

“I’ve never worked for a company as supportive of my extracurriculars as Xpress Technologies.” – Ali Buck


What are you passionate about?   

I’m passionate about Diversity and Inclusion as a whole – particularly within the tech industry, where I see a lot of great pushes forward as well as opportunities to pave the way for other industries to follow suit. I’m keenly focused on LGBTIQ+, women, and neurodivergent populations. 

How would you describe your day-to-day job at Xpress Technologies? 

I’m a marketing operations specialist, so I spend a lot of time working with the marketing team at large to develop our strategic content and educate people about Xpress Technologies. Every day is different depending on whether the content is being created by my team or an agency, meaning I’m conducting research and drafting content or reviewing a teammate’s contribution. I’m also part of the Diversity and Inclusion Council, which helps push forward initiatives that make the workspace more inclusive for people of all backgrounds. 

What brought you to the Copenhagen 2021 World Pride Conference? 

I’ve been volunteering on the board of Young@WorkplacePride since November 2019. our team advocates for the perspective of young LGBTIQ+ people in or about to enter the workplace. Our definition of “young” includes anyone with under ten years of working experience. Workplace Pride organized one of the days of the Copenhagen 2021 World Pride conference – Workplace Inclusion Day – which focused on issues that specifically affect LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace, with speakers from around the globe. I had the opportunity to submit a proposal during the planning phase of the conference on behalf of the Young@WorkplacePride team. The proposal was accepted, and I began digging into research on the shifting demographics of generations from Gen X to Gen Z and the ways in which companies can be more supportive of their future employees. I leveraged data sets from a variety of sources, but most notably from the Trevor Project and the University of Chicago. 

Ali Buck Presentation

Ali Buck presenting at the 2021 World Pride Conference. 


How did Xpress Technologies support you in speaking at this conference? 

I’ve never worked for a company that was as supportive of my extracurriculars as Xpress Technologies. On top of the excitement that my direct team had for me, I was able to present to our Growth Team, Leadership Team, and again to members of both teams who had additional time for me. Each presentation garnered feedback and instigated great discussions around how we, as a company, can be more inclusive and attractive to younger generations. While I was away, my direct team picked up the projects I left behind and respected the entire time off – I didn’t receive a single urgent email or ping during my trip. When I presented, several members of my team logged on bright and early to watch and cheer me on! 

What are the main points you presented? 

I specifically investigated how people aged 14-24 identify in terms of their gender and sexual identities. With 1 in 6 people of this age identifying as part of the LGBTIQ+ community, companies need to be prepared to support them as they enter the workforce. Research shows that mental health impacts this group significantly. So companies should take actions to mitigate this – by offering Employee Assistance Programs, having gender-neutral bathrooms, and including pronouns in HR documents and email signatures so people can feel comfortable being their full selves at work. 


Untitled-2Ali Buck presenting at the 2021 World Pride Conference. 


What are some key takeaways of what you learned from others? 

Every country has its unique challenges when it comes to LGBTIQ+ inclusion – ranging from complete criminalization and threats to one’s life down to unfair or discriminatory treatment ingrained in laws. While people tend to focus on the issues that impact them directly, we have a responsibility as part of a larger community to fight for one another and leverage the resources we have to create a more equitable world. 

What was your favorite event at the conference? 

I attended a concert one night; between each new artist, speakers came out to discuss LGBTIQ+ issues in their home countries. It was such a creative and powerful way to mix education and entertainment. 


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