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Using the Xpress Technologies App to manage your Hours of Service and automatically create electronic logs is simple. Follow these simple steps to navigate the basics of your electronic logs and certify your daily logs:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    Hours of Service Menu
  2. The Logs screen will display a printout and the details of the day’s driving activity as recorded through the Hours of Service functionality of the Xpress Technologies App.
    Electronic Logs
  3. As required by FMCSA regulations, the Logs functionality of the mobile app provides the logs for the current day and the preceding seven days. Previous day logs can be accessed by tapping the date at the top of the screen. A red dot will indicate a day with uncertified logs.
    Uncertified Logs are marked with a red dot
  4. Each day’s logs display a printout, a summary, log entry details and provide the optional ability to add shipping document information, trailers, and Co-Driver details to these records. To add these optional details, tap the pencil icon button next to the corresponding section.
    Add optional details to a log entry
  5. Tapping a log entry in the list will display the details of that specific record of duty status and provide the ability to edit an erroneous entry. Please note that all edits to a record of duty status are recorded and displayed as having been edited.
    Edit an erroneous duty status record
  6. When you’ve completed reviewing your daily log(s), you are required to certify that your data entries and the records of duty status are accurate. Uncertified logs will display a red Certify Log button on top of the Logs screen. Tap the Certify Log button to complete this step and certify your logs.
    Uncertified log entry
    Certified log entry


Navigating the intuitive electronic log functionality of the Xpress Technologies App is simple and designed to keep you moving while remaining compliant with FMCSA regulations.

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