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Over the past few years, the trucking industry has started to rely on technology more than ever. However, there are some mixed feelings about the increasing role technology has begun to play. Some fleets have adopted this change with enthusiasm, and others have steered clear of using any new technology solutions so far.

Most fleets fall somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes. This is why we wanted to create a user-friendly tool kit for everyone that can easily integrate with systems already in place. So, whether you’ve already introduced some technology to your operation and are looking to layer in some additional functions, or you’re looking to start completely fresh with a whole suite of tools to streamline your business, Xpress Technologies has you covered.

We’ve leveraged over 35 years of experience in the trucking industry to create tools that put carriers and their dispatchers first. So, how does the Xpress Technologies suite of fleet management tools help you stay on top of all your dispatching responsibilities?

Flexible Load Booking

The Xpress Technologies App brings the luxury and ease of Netflix recommendations to the world of freight. So, what do we mean by this?

We mean no more sitting at the computer, or staring at your phone, refreshing the load board every 15 seconds in hopes of finding a good load for your drivers. Instead, the Xpress Technologies App and web application allow dispatchers to use filters such as lane preferences and rates to narrow down the list of available loads and increase the chances of finding the loads that work for your operation.

Additionally, the software mirrors Netflix in that the more you use it, the better recommendations you’ll receive. Essentially, it remembers all of the loads you’ve accepted in the past and uses the data to offer similar loads that become available in the future. Xpress Technologies understands that dispatchers and owner-operators need load booking solutions that are flexible and can accommodate your operation’s needs. Depending on your preferences or specific circumstances, you may want to book loads differently. That’s why we designed our system to fit what you need in the moment. Whether you want to leverage automated recommendations or manually search for loads yourself, use the self-service capability to book loads, or work with the direct support of an Xpress Technologies Carrier Xperience rep, the Xpress Technologies App and web application have got you covered.

Digital Tracking

Customers have come to expect constant updates on the status of their shipments. This demand has forced dispatchers to spend excessive time on the phone, simply filling in clients on details like estimated arrival time and the load’s current location.

The Xpress Technologies platform provides a bird’s eye view for dispatchers that simplifies this process. The Xpress Technologies App prevents the dispatcher from needing to make additional calls to drivers which frees up time for dispatchers, giving them the ability to focus on their drivers’ other needs.

Enhanced Reporting

As a dispatcher, your most pressing concerns likely fall into two categories: time management and organization. The features we’ve discussed so far streamline operations, helping with time management. This next feature will help you stay organized.

Compatibility Between Dispatchers, Drivers, and Owners

The final feature of the Xpress Technologies suite we want to highlight helps with usability. We’ve created a service that can be used by everyone in your organization to facilitate internal communication.

The Xpress Technologies services are available through our website and app, so everyone on your team has easy access, whether they’re working from behind a computer, or are out and on the move. The Xpress Technologies App was designed so dispatchers, drivers, and owners can quickly access and use the tools that will make their jobs easier.

Leverage the Xpress Technologies Suite of Services Today

The Xpress Technologies platform was built by those with personal experience in the trucking industry and uses a continual feedback loop from independent trucking companies to ensure it remains up to date and addresses the unique needs of carriers and their dispatchers.

We believe that when dispatchers have access to the right tools, everyone in the industry benefits. That’s why our goal here at Xpress Technologies is to provide small to medium fleets with the tools and information they need to win business and operate optimally.

It can be frustrating finding fleet management solutions that could streamline your operation, and help your business grow, but don’t fit into the budget. No matter the size of the fleet or budget, you should have access to the tools that will help you succeed. The Xpress Technologies suite of fleet management solutions is available at no-cost, so you can use the tools you need without breaking the bank.