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David Vielehr has served as Head of Growth at Xpress Technologies since 2020 – joining the young start-up at the intersection of bringing two firms together.

He was one of the inceptive voices at the table as Xpress Technologies was born from the combination of the U.S. Xpress brokerage division and a technology start-up out of Phoenix.

Both a problem solver and a geek, David loves bringing together cross-functional teams and using technologies to tackle challenges. Starting with curiosity and asking questions, he focuses on taking analog processes and finding solutions to digitize them. Over the past fifteen years, he’s chased after the question, “How can we solve customer needs and give them ease through technology?”

The through-line for his career has been his ability to work across numerous industries and identify previously unaddressed opportunities to improve customer experiences, often moving from an analog to a digital experience.

Taking this customer-centric approach, he and his team evaluate the customer journey and focuses energy toward enhancing the experience through iteration and A/B testing technology, design, and implementation. He starts with the answer to these questions: Where do we want to be in five years? What data is available? What insights can we glean? And what levers can be used to achieve the optimal outcome? Then he works backwards.

Prior to joining Xpress Technologies, David was Vice President of Financial Products at Target. He led the marketing, strategy, product design, compliance, and credit risk teams that supported Target RedCard, Target GiftCard, and financial product innovation. He spent 10 years in the health tech industry at Medagate Corp, InComm, and Safeway Health.

David feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to try a number of ventures, wear several different hats, and learn from both successes and failures. It is the culmination of those experiences that help inform how he leads teams and makes decisions now.

David is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with his wife and two children, who are the center of his world. David earned his BA in Political Science from the University of Colorado and his MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.