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Let the Xpress Technologies App find loads in your favorite lanes.

Follow these steps to quickly create a favorite lane in the Xpress Technologies App and get notified whenever there are matches:

  1. Upon logging into the Xpress Technologies App, you will immediately be presented with the Search tool to find freight opportunities. Tap the Create your first lane button to get started.
    Create Your First Lane
  2. Enter your preferences for the Origin location, or where you’d like to pick-up your loads, enter the search radius around that location so the Xpress Technologies App knows how far out of the way you’re willing to travel for a load, and which days of the week you prefer to pick-up freight.
    Favorite lane - origin location
  3. After entering your Origin preferences, scroll to the Destination section and enter your preferences for where you’d like to drop-off your loads.
    Favorite lane - destination location
  4. After entering your Destination preferences, complete your favorite lane by marking what equipment type you prefer, a minimum price point, an optional end date and whether you’d prefer loads that include Hazardous Material.
    Lane preferences
  5. Once you’ve entered your lane preferences, tap the Create Lane button.
    Create Lane button


Now that you’ve told the Xpress Technologies App about your lane preferences, the mobile app will begin tailoring load opportunities to you and notify you when it finds matching loads.

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