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Creating a DVIR with the Xpress Technologies App during your Pre and Post-Trip inspections is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen
  2. Connect to the truck you intend to operate
  3. Once connected to your truck, in the top right of the HOS section of the Xpress Technologies App, tap the DVIR icon denoted by the checkmark and document.
    DVIR Icon
  4. To create a DVIR, tap the Add DVIR button at the bottom of the screen
    Add DVIR Button
  5. Perform your Pre or Post trip inspection and select which inspection you are performing by selecting the corresponding option at the top of your screen
    Pre or Post Trip Selection
  6. If you identify a defect during your inspection, tap the Manage Defect(s) button, tap the checkbox for the defective equipment and enter any notes you’d like to include and tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen when you’ve completed entering any defects
    Defects List Selection
  7. Once you’ve completed your inspection and entered any potential defects, tap the Complete Inspection button, and indicate if the truck or trailer are safe to operate. Finalize your DVIR by signing your name and tapping the Certify Inspection button
    Certify Inspection


You’ve completed your vehicle inspection and successfully recorded a DVIR.

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