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Before you update your first record of duty status in the Xpress Technologies App, you’ll need to connect to the truck you intend to operate. Follow these simple steps to connect to and disconnect from your truck:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
    Hours of Service Menu
  2. From the HOS screen, tap the SELECT TRUCK button.
    Select Truck
  3. Select the truck you intend to operate from the list of available vehicles by tapping on the truck name. Tap CONNECT on the next screen to complete your connection to your truck.
    Choose the truck you intend to operate
  4. Your HOS screen will now indicate that you are the driver connected to the truck and will display odometer and speedometer readings.
    Connected Truck

    • If your administrator has enabled Team Driving for your account, your co-driver’s information will display next to your name.
  5. To disconnect from this truck, tap the THREE VERTICAL DOTS in the truck area of the HOS screen and verify you’d like to disconnect on the “Are you sure?” prompt.
    Disconnect from your truck


You’ve mastered connecting / disconnecting your Xpress Technologies App and your ELD-enabled truck.

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