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Freight transportation is a fast-paced industry, and as an owner-operator, you manage every aspect of your business on your own. From finding and booking loads that meet your needs and communicating with clients, to staying on top of your schedule and compliance regulations, there is a lot to juggle. That’s why you need the right tools and resources to make your life simpler.

At Xpress Technologies, we set out to design the ultimate freight-finding app to help carriers streamline and simplify their operations to achieve success. As a carrier-first company, leveraging over 35 years in the freight industry, we built the Xpress Technologies App to work as hard as you do. Our software was designed to address the needs and concerns of carriers by utilizing valuable carrier feedback and insights—designed by truckers, for truckers.

Read on to learn more about how the Xpress Technologies App can benefit owner-operators, enabling you to run your business your own way, on your own terms, from anywhere.

I. What to Look For in a Freight-Finding App

Running your own business means you have a lot of different responsibilities to juggle; with so much to keep track of, having the right tools on your side is absolutely essential. One of the most important and time-consuming parts of operating your business as an owner-operator is finding the right freight opportunities. The right freight-finding app can help you find the best freight possible for your business, save you time, and help streamline your overall operational efficiency.

Here is what to look for in a great freight-finding app:

    • Find loads by location
    • User-friendly interface
    • High quality load postings
    • Easily accessible load information
    • Transparent rates
    • Ability to post your truck

    A high quality freight-finding app will have all of the above features. Some apps like the Xpress Technologies App offer even more, with added capabilities and benefits like a no-cost load board, map view, and tailored load recommendations. 

    Leveraging the right technology can help simplify the freight-finding process, and can even help your business grow.

    II. Comparison of Xpress Technologies, Uber Freight, and J.B. Hunt Carrier 360


    For several years now, digital load boards and mobile apps have become more popular in the freight-finding market. They provide new ways to secure freight and can help you grow your business. Here’s a look at how some of the industry’s best load boards stack up.

    Xpress Technologies

    The Xpress Technologies App was designed with owner-operators in mind. Users can quickly search for and accept freight, access transparent and up-front load details. The Xpress Technologies App includes:

    • Transparent loads and rates
    • The ability to book loads directly
    • A user-friendly interface
    • High quality freight options to choose from
    • Load management capabilities for both Xpress Technologies and non-Xpress Technologies loads
    • No-cost fleet management perfect for small carriers and owner-operators looking to grow their fleet
    • Data-driven personalized freight recommendations to make it simple to find freight
    • Map and list-based load search capabilities

    J.B. Hunt

    J.B. Hunt’s Carrier 360 app helps users find and book loads with a connected network of shippers, brokers, and carriers of all sizes. The app features a search filter to help owner-operators find freight loads; you can also use the app’s map view to search for loads based on location. The Carrier 360 app also offers:

    • Freight rates in real-time
    • Updates on pricing and quotes
    • A user-friendly interface
    • Less time spent on lengthy freight-matching phone calls
    • The ability to accept loads and share rates via the app

    Uber Freight

    Uber Freight offers a digital load board, mobile app, and web app. The Uber Freight mobile app was designed to offer carriers up-front pricing, and emphasizes quick and easy load booking capabilities. The Uber Freight app allows users to:

    • Post their truck
    • Search for freight using specified criteria including type of trailer, region, pickup date, and length of haul
    • Submit proof of delivery (POD) in-app

    When you’re calling the shots and doing the heavy lifting, you need tools that work harder and smarter. It’s important to find the tool that works best for your overall business.

    III. Why the Xpress Technologies Hybrid Load Board Is Ideal for Owner-Operators

    Owner-operators often need to get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. And sometimes, you require the personal touch of a phone call to sort out a question, negotiate a freight rate, or receive clarification about a haul.

    For this modern, freight-finding climate, having access to a hybrid load board can make all the difference. The Xpress Technologies hybrid load board is the ideal solution for owner-operators looking to grow and manage their business on the go.

    In addition to enabling you to secure freight quickly and efficiently, the hybrid load board in the Xpress Technologies App also:

    • Offers list-based search features for those looking for specific details regarding each load
    • Provides map-based search features for those searching for location-based freight
    • Shares personalized freight suggestions based on past loads and saved lane preferences

    IV. How Our App Handles Load Management

    In addition to finding freight, communicating with brokers, maintaining your vehicle, staying on top of compliance, and running your business, you also have to keep track of every load, plan routes, and balance schedules. Without the right tools in place, finding freight and managing every load can be challenging.

    The Xpress Technologies App was designed to help you manage every load as easily as possible. With the Xpress Technologies App you can:

    • Access high quality loads your way. Whether you want to book loads directly through the self-service function, or call an Xpress Technologies broker directly, with the Xpress Technologies App you can find the best load opportunities possible, at no-cost.
    • See upcoming loads. Easily spot and fill faps in your load schedule with the in-app “My Loads Schedule” feature.
    • Manage multiple load schedules. Whether you’re planning to acquire additional trucks to your business permanently, or are planning to rent vehicles during peak season, the Xpress Technologies App supports your business as it grows.
    • Keep customers informed. Great communication is good for business. With the Xpress Technologies App you can share your locations with clients, facilitating transparency along the supply chain.

    With the Xpress Technologies App, you can manage your entire schedule of freight loads, balance multiple vehicles, and develop your business exactly the way you want.

    V. Our Interactive Map for Owner-Operators

    With the Xpress Technologies App, you can use the interactive map feature to find great freight that works for you. The easy-to-use mobile-friendly interface saves you time and boosts your productivity and revenue by helping you find optimal loads nearby to match your routes.

    The interactive map feature highlights routes and offers advanced search filters so you can quickly find and pick up loads across the U.S. that help get you where you want to go. Available in both light and dark modes, Map Search helps you optimize your business and avoid deadheading by keeping your truck full and identifing where trucks are in high demand by showing off clusters of available freight.

    The map feature can help support your business by:

    1. Giving you access to great freight
    2. Optimizing time and truck management
    3. Keeping your truck full
    4. Identifying the best routes

    Whether you are new to the industry or looking to grow your business, the Xpress Technologies App and suite of tools, like the interactive map feature, enable you to run as optimally as possible on your own terms to achieve success.

    VI. The Xpress Technologies App: Designed for Truckers by Truckers

    As an owner-operator, your business is your own—you are the boss—and at Xpress Technologies, we enable you to experience growth with an app that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

    The Xpress Technologies App was designed specifically with carriers in mind. We sought out and used valuable carrier input to design this app. Without owner-operators and others in the freight industry providing useful feedback and insights, this app wouldn’t have been possible—we are always looking to improve by continually using feedback to make updates.

    Our interface was designed to meet your unique needs as a business owner, and includes:

      • Enhanced Map Search: Our interactive, easy-to-use map feature gives you a view of all of the load opportunities in your area. Using the advanced filters, you can quickly refine your searches to find loads that meet your specific needs. It even connects to your favorite navigation app, so you can easily navigate between your pick-ups and drop-offs.
      • Load Scheduling: The My Loads Schedule feature allows you to plan out your upcoming weeks directly from your mobile device with ease. With this tool, you can keep your trucks full by using the week-by-week calendar view to see where there are gaps in your freight schedule and easily fill them with active load opportunities directly within the app.
      • Personalized Load Matching: The Xpress Technologies App uses advanced, smart algorithms that learn your load preferences the more you use it. Over time, you will get increasingly personalized load matches so you can optimize your routes and avoid deadheading. This feature keeps you from having to constantly search for loads yourself.

    Take Control With Xpress Technologies

    As an owner-operator, finding great freight shouldn’t be a hassle. When you’ve got a million things to handle and worry about, finding loads that suit your needs shouldn’t be one of them. With the Xpress Technologies App, you can take control of your business and optimize your operations.