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For several years now, digital load boards and mobile apps have spread through the freight-finding market, offering independent owner-operators new ways to secure freight and grow their businesses on the go.

Some of these digital load boards are just that—a place to find freight. But others offer intuitive, easy-to-use tools you can use to manage nearly every facet of your operation. There are so many options available, it can be hard to know where to even start.

4 Minute read

Personalized Support

With so many choices of mobile apps on the market today, seek out a solution that is specifically designed to support you through every stage of your operation.  Learn more about how Xpress Technologies can help your business grow.

Here’s a look at how some of the industry’s best load boards stack up: Uber Freight, J.B. Hunt, and Xpress Technologies.

Xpress Technologies

Xpress Technologies is the next evolution of the North American freight marketplace. Backed by the fifth-largest brokerage in the United States, U.S. Xpress, Xpress Technologies leverages over 35 years of industry experience to deliver freight-finding solutions that put carriers first.

The Xpress Technologies hybrid load board gives owner-operators the power to secure their own freight, either by booking loads through the app’s self-service option or working with a Carrier Xperience Representative to book loads over the phone.

With everything a great freight-finding app needs, the Xpress Technologies App leverages innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology to not only learn what load preferences carriers have, but also provide better loads that become increasingly personalized and tailored over time.

Using the data it collects from your load and lane preferences, the Xpress Technologies App recommends freight opportunities that meet your operation’s specifications. With tailored load recommendations, you can spend less time finding freight and more time growing your business. It includes:

  • Transparent loads and rates
  • The ability to accept loads and share rates
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Dry van, reefer, and power-only load searches
  • High quality freight options to choose from

The Xpress Technologies App includes so much more than a typical load board app. It also offers:

  • Load management capabilities for both Xpress Technologies and non-Xpress Technologies loads
  • No-cost fleet management perfect for small carriers and owner-operators looking to grow their fleet
  • Data-driven personalized freight recommendations to make it simple to find freight
  • Map and list-based search capabilities

The Xpress Technologies App was designed with owner-operators in mind. Users can quickly search for and accept freight and access transparent and up-front load details.

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt was founded in 1961 and established its own digital freight platform in 2017. In 2021, the company established a partnership with Google to enhance the benefits for shippers looking to post loads on their mobile app.

Like Xpress Technologies, J.B. Hunt offers a hybrid load board, as well as a mobile app, web app, and digital load board. J.B. Hunt’s free Carrier 360 app helps users find and book loads with a connected network of shippers, brokers, and carriers of all sizes. The app features a search filter to help owner-operators find freight loads; you can also use the app’s map view to search for loads based on location.

J.B. Hunt’s Carrier 360 app generates its rates and pricing based on both historical and industry-wide data to offer “near-true market price” and an automated system to reduce the time spent negotiating freight rates.

The J.B. Hunt load board app also offers:

  • Freight rates in real-time
  • Updates on pricing and quotes
  • Less time spent on lengthy freight-matching phone calls
  • The ability to accept loads and share rates via the app

J.B. Hunt’s Carrier 360 mobile app gives drivers and owner-operators real-time awareness of how long it may take to load a full truck or to unload a particular freight. This real-time information comes directly from other drivers who are waiting at the facility, so you have insight into what to expect when picking up or dropping off a load.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight entered the logistics space in 2017, offering freight at reduced rates in an attempt to claim a significant share of the logistics market. As the name implies, Uber Freight is a division of the ride-sharing company Uber, which launched in 2009. Uber expanded into the freight industry eight years later and is quite literally the Uber for trucks.

In 2019, Uber Freight sold its European division to focus on expanding its presence in the U.S., and people have taken notice. According to Supply Chain Dive, “Uber Freight’s logistics and brokerage platform goes ‘well beyond’ other new entrants in the digital freight matching space,” but there were a few issues or gaps in service that have been apparent from the very beginning.

Uber Freight offers a digital load board, mobile app, and web app. In a statement on One Zero, the company shared that Uber positions itself as trying to make things easier, and explained, “Uber Freight’s approach from the beginning was to provide transparent and up-front pricing and enable carriers and their drivers to book loads with the touch of a button.”

Uber Freight’s mobile app allows users to:

  • Post their truck
  • Search for freight using specified criteria including type of trailer, region, pickup date, and length of haul
  • Submit proof of delivery (POD) in-app

Partner With Xpress Technologies to Get More Than a load Board

As a small business owner, time and resources are precious. The Xpress Technologies App was designed to level the playing field, and deliver the technologies big carrier companies use directly to you. When you’re calling the shots and doing the heavy lifting, you need tools that work harder and smarter. Learn more about how Xpress Technologies is making it simpler for owner-operators to find freight and run their businesses.

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