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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), approximately 5.9 million commercial vehicle drivers take to the roads each year throughout the United States. But how do they arrange the loads they are hauling?

Most carriers, owner-operators, and fleet managers already know that load boards can be an efficient way to find freight, make bids, and negotiate prices. But not all load boards are the same—and there are other ways to find freight beyond load boards, including working with traditional freight brokers.

With thousands of postings added to load boards each day, it would be easy to spend hours scavenging the load boards looking for the best rates and the right hauls for your business. Opting to not work with traditional brokerages means money left on the table for other carriers and owner-operators.

There are certainly trade-offs to all the top freight load boards and freight solutions, but a few stand out in the crowd of boards. In our opinion, the ones worth a side-by-side comparison with Xpress Technologies are:

  • Uber Freight
  • DAT Load Boards
  • J.B. Hunt and Carrier 360

You can spend hours perusing load boards or reading online reviews, but the truth is, no one else can speak to how the functionalities of one app or one load board or traditional brokerage will serve you as a carrier over another.

Here’s what you need to know about what each of these freight solutions brings to the table.

Xpress Technologies: Revolutionizing the Future of Freight

Xpress Technologies combines the U.S. Xpress Logistics brokerage with a pioneering machine learning platform. Xpress Technologies emphasizes visibility into our operations so carriers can access the best freight possible and boost their profitability. Carriers can access fleet and load management essentials. The Xpress Technologies platform was built by those with personal experience in the trucking industry and uses a continual feedback loop from independent trucking companies to ensure it remains up to date and addresses the unique needs of our carriers.

Xpress Technologies is well equipped to support:

  • Owner-operators
  • Small fleets
  • Large fleets
  • Power-only

Uber Freight: Plenty of Freedom

As the name would imply, Uber Freight has positioned itself as carriers’ version of the gig economy giant, Uber. Those who use Uber Freight appreciate the transparent, upfront pricing, visibility, and bundling to limit the logging of an excess of empty miles.

Uber Freight targets certain carriers, including:

  • Owner-operators
  • Small fleets
  • Power-only

DAT Load Board: Lots of Features

Many folks — shippers, large and small carriers, and brokers alike — are drawn to DAT’s load board because of the wide array of trailer types and loads. DAT’s app, DAT One, allows you to save load matches to call later. You can view broker reviews and credit scores, which may be a decent indication of a worthwhile haul – and it gives you the chance to negotiate for your desired rate.

DAT provides membership plans and tiered rates for:

  • Carriers
  • Brokers
  • Carrier/broker hybrids
  • Shippers

J.B. Hunt: Easy for Carriers

J.B. Hunt is a large, asset-backed company spread across North America with freight services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They have a load board app, Carrier 360, which was designed with the idea of making things easier for carriers by helping them save time booking freight.

J.B. Hunt supports:

  • Owner-operators
  • Small fleets
  • Large fleets
  • Power-only

The Xpress Technologies Difference: A Truly Personalized Brokerage

When we say that Xpress Technologies allows you to grow beyond load boards, we mean it. You shouldn’t have to be tied to a load board all day, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice working with the support or personalization of a broker to make use of an app. Because we’re leveraging over 35 years of industry experience, we understand the importance of the latest technology solutions as much as we see the inherent need for brokers who care. You should be able to have both.

For small carriers and owner-operators, it’s important to have brokers who you can call up, knowing they have your back. It means establishing relationships and connecting with people who know your work, value your expertise, and how reliable you are. It’s how many owner-operators build their businesses: by knowing folks in the industry, gaining dedicated hauls, and taking a measured approach to growth.

Plus, we understand that not everyone prefers finding freight by using a digital load board. For owner-operators who like to do business via phone or email, when carriers have questions, our Carrier Xperience reps are at their service.

Through our proprietary machine learning-powered software, Xpress Technologies Carrier Xperience reps can find freight for you in less time. When working with a Carrier Xperience rep, you are leveraging the power of our machine learning technology.

With search capabilities powered by machine learning plus fleet and load management essentials, we’ll help you find freight and optimize your rates. We have a robust platform and a team of software and hardware engineers who constantly work to keep Xpress Technologies ahead of the rest with regular and frequent updates.

Stop paying monthly memberships and juggling multiple platforms to find and manage your trucks or run your business. To learn how to find the best freight mix to ensure your truck is consistently full connect with our Carrier Xperience Team today to discover the Xpress Technologies difference for yourself.

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