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Ready to book your first load with Xpress Technologies? This guide provides quick and easy directions for instantly locking in your freight opportunity.

  1. After finding your next load in the search results or recommended loads, click the load to bring up the Load Details screen.
    Load Details Web
  2. In the load details section on the left of your screen, you’ll see one of two different button types: “Contact to Book” and “Book it Now”
    Load Details Web - Book It Now-1

    • Clicking the “Contact to Book” button will provide you with additional contact details to book the load. These loads are available now and only require a few additional clarifications to book the load.
  3. Clicking the “Book it Now” button will present you with a confirmation that you’re agreeing to transport the freight. After agreeing to the terms, you’ve booked the load and will receive further instructions via email or phone call on how to fulfill your commitment.
    Terms Web


Booking your first load with Xpress Technologies is the first step in growing beyond traditional load boards and traditional brokers.


Xpress Technologies empowers independent trucking companies to run their businesses from anywhere, enabling growth on their own terms. Choice, transparency, and a scouting engine power Xpress Technologies as the day-to-day tool carriers need to book the right freight and safely operate their trucks to run a successful business.