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The use of advanced trucking dispatch software has been on the rise for the past few years. As a result, small to medium-sized fleets have adopted the use of new technology to help better facilitate daily operations and grow their businesses.

Technology companies have noted how technological tools could propel the trucking industry forward, and are developing more products than ever before. So how do you pick the right technology for your business? What should you look for in a product?

Let’s go over nine features dispatchers should look for when choosing software to help them better manage their fleet.

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What to Look for in Dispatching Software

Usability for Dispatchers, Owners, and Drivers

This is important. As a dispatcher, you know that success depends on communication. Everyone in the fleet needs to be up to speed and on the same page. What good is software that only some members of the team know how to use? A tool that increases confusion among team members isn’t very helpful. When choosing software, be sure it is user-friendly across the board and that everyone on your team can use it easily. For example, the Xpress Technologies App was created specifically with user experience front of mind, and was designed to cater to carriers’ unique needs.

Integrates Seamlessly with Current Tools

In addition to being user-friendly, you will want software that will integrate seamlessly with your operation’s existing structure and practices. There’s no sense in wasting time trying to implement a new system or software if it isn’t going to work well with the systems you already have in place. Our suite of no-cost user-friendly tools can easily be integrated into your existing organizational practices based on your company’s needs.


As helpful as it may be, any software is a means to an end. The last thing you want to do is spend a large chunk of your company’s resources on a tool that will not provide a return on investment. When you’re browsing the available tools on the market, ask yourself how the products will save you time and money. Of course, you want a tool that will benefit you and your fleet, but is it worth it if it makes you go over budget? Here at Xpress Technologies, our suite of fleet management tools are available at no cost to you.

Automation & Load Recommendations

As for specific features, you should look for something that can automate your daily operations. One example of a feature that helps with automation is load recommendation software. This feature can scan loads and make recommendations best suited to your drivers to help optimize their freight. The Xpress Technologies Freight Marketplace can do just that. It offers tailored loads to meet your specific needs – the more you use it, the more it learns your preferences.

Real-Time Data Features

More and more, drivers want software and features that provide available loads in real-time. After carefully planning your route, having software that tracks your trucks, allowing you to send ETAs directly to customers to streamline a fleet’s operations further is another invaluable feature to look for. Our Fleet Management software offers real-time tracking so you know where your trucks and loads are at all times.

Digital Proof of Arrival Times

There are a lot of moving parts in the freight industry. When issues arise, it’s helpful to have a tool that will provide digital proof of arrival times to turn disputes about a load in your favor. This way, you can ensure your fleet will not be blamed for problems you did not cause.

Great Customer Service

Not everyone thinks about this when looking into a new product, but customer service can often make a huge difference when it comes to making the most of software to optimize your fleet. Should something go wrong, you want a tool or system that offers excellent customer service to help remedy the situation efficiently and effectively. The Xpress Technologies platform is backed by our Carrier Xperience Team, who are available whenever you need them.

Get It All with the Xpress Technologies App

The Xpress Technologies App is a great tool to have for any dispatcher looking to increase revenue, grow their business, and optimize freight and other operations.

Dispatchers gain access to curated freight recommendations, can manage fleet load tracking, manage freight scheduling, and more with the Xpress Technologies App. You can leverage the Xpress Technologies App to equip your operation with freight tools that will optimize your fleet management. You can connect with our Carrier Xperience Team to start taking advantage of these features today.

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