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On occasion, the Xpress Technologies Electronic Logging Device may record Unidentified Driving Events. These events are created when a truck is operated without a proper Xpress Technologies App connection. To ensure proper keeping of records of duty status, please follow the truck connection/disconnection guide.

To assign Unidentified Driving Events to yourself in the Xpress Technologies App follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap the HOS menu item in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Connect to the truck you intend to operate.
    Clocks - Slect Truck
  3. Once connected to your truck, you will notice a yellow banner beneath your truck connection status indicating that there are events requiring your attention. Tap the yellow banner.
    Clocks - On Duty Status
    Truck Connection Status
    Yellow Exceptions Banner
  4. Review the list of Unidentified Driving Events and tap the event you wish to assign.
    Review Log Changes
  5. Enter any notes related to the driving event and tap the Next button.
    Unidentified Driving Event Details
    Next Button
  6. Review the edits that will be made to the logs upon assigning the Unidentified Driving Event.
    • The Current tab displays the unedited log for the day in which the Unidentified Driving Event took place.
      Unidentified Driving Event
      Log Printout
    • The Edited tab displays what that day’s log will look like upon accepting and assigning the Unidentified Driving Event.
      Unidentified Driving Event
      Log Printout - New
  7. When you have completed reviewing the Unidentified Driving Event tap the Accept button to complete the status assignment.
    Reject or Accept Buttons


You’ve just completed the advanced task of assigning an Unidentified Driving Event using the Xpress Technologies App.

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