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Preventing accidents and maintaining compliance is the responsibility of all who work in the trucking industry. Hours of Service (HOS) regulations are critical to promoting a safe working environment for carriers and safe roadways for other drivers. Keeping track of changes to HOS regulations can be daunting, but with the right tools, it’s easier than ever to stay compliant.

Maintaining compliance with FMCSA regulations like using an ELD to track HOS is essential to protecting the safety of drivers and other motorists on the road. In many ways, tracking HOS with an ELD is much less complicated than tracking hours in a manual log.

Easily integrate your HOS tracking with the rest of your business with Xpress Technologies.

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While the process of logging HOS can be simple, planning how to optimize time on the road can be difficult and confusing. And it’s only one task in a long line of to-dos that owner-operators must manage—you also have to find freight , run your business, communicate with brokers, and more. You must also develop a keen sense of timing to maximize your time on the road. Here’s how the Xpress Technologies ELD helps owner-operators and small carriers manage their HOS.

About HOS and ELD Regulations

The FMCSA enacted an ELD mandate that digitizes the HOS recording and reporting process. It regulates how many hours drivers can log at a time, and when they can drive. For example, drivers cannot be actively driving on the road for more than 11 out of 14 hours in one given stretch of time. After driving 11 out of 14 hours, drivers must then take off a full 10 hours to rest and re-energize before they get back on the road. Drivers are also expected to take at least a 30-minute break during their 11 hour stretch of driving. ELDs capture driving time directly, so drivers no longer have to manually record these hours.

According to Business Insider, some drivers, owner-operators, and small carriers worry that the ELDs are too rigid and make their work too challenging, or that they are too costly. However there are ELD options out there that can actually streamline operations, without eating into your budget. In the long run, ELDs can actually protect your long-term business investments. For example, the cost of a new truck in 2021 ranged from $110,000 to $195,000; they are engineered to last as much as 1,000,000 miles on the road before it’s time to rebuild or invest in a new one. ELDs promote safer driving practices and more alert drivers, which helps protect your investment by decreasing the likelihood you’ll be involved in an accident. Since ELDs were mandated, there have been 1,844 fewer crashes every year.

When there are fewer accidents there are also fewer costs for carriers. The cumulative savings for carriers since the implementation of ELDs include: 

    • $570 million less money spent on accidents annually
    • $1.2 billion in total savings every year
    • $2.4 billion saved on filling out paperwork

Xpress Technologies understands taking on additional business expenses and trying to keep track of more regulations can be stressful. For this reason, all qualified carriers can get an Xpress Technologies ELD at no cost.

In order to qualify for a no-cost ELD, all you need is: 

    • A safe driving record
    • 90 or more days of experience as a carrier
    • Take 2-3 loads with Xpress Technologies

The Xpress Technologies App and ELD

The Xpress Technologies App and ELD sync to track and visually display HOS so it’s simpler than ever to manage HOS compliance.

The Xpress Technologies App integrates with our ELD to transmit data to four clocks that track:

    • Break hours  
    • Driving hours  
    • Duty hours  
    • Cycle hours

The Xpress Technologies App and ELD were designed to make tracking your duty status and HOS as simple as possible. For example, with Xpress Technologies, a driver’s default duty status reverts to “OFF DUTY,” but as soon as you begin driving your connected truck—traveling at any speed above 5 miles per hour—the app instinctively changes to a “DRIVING” duty status. With visually appealing, easy-to-read clocks, you’ll be able to effortlessly track the remaining time you have for each of the FMCSA-allowable HOS, and can even access reset and rollover details as allowed under FMCSA guidelines.

Your ELD and HOS Compliance Partner

Managing your ELD and maintaining HOS compliance doesn’t have to be big a challenge. Discover for yourself how simple (and affordable) it can be to manage compliance with Xpress Technologies. Integrate your HOS tracking and your freight-finding and load management tools to manage your entire business on your own time, no matter where you are.

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