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Anthony Kamar has served as the Head of Technology at Xpress Technologies since the company’s inception in early 2020.

As co-founder and CEO of an IoT logistics technology company, Anthony has been at the forefront of solving some of the trucking industry’s biggest challenges. When Xpress Technologies was born, Anthony seized the opportunity as Head of Technology to further expand the core problem-solving concepts which he and his team introduced while leveraging the expertise and relationships that U.S. Xpress had built over the previous 35+ years.


“You cannot truly accelerate or improve the things you do not measure.”

Fascinated with how humans make decisions from data, Anthony used this curiosity as the driving force in his journey through higher education. After obtaining a double Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona—one in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the other in Laser and Optical Engineering—Anthony further honed his craft by pursuing a master’s degree in embedded systems and digital signal processing from Arizona State University. While Anthony’s early career focused on developing advanced avionics systems—flight control computers and the sensors that inform them—with aerospace industry giant Honeywell, his leap to the trucking industry may seem a bit peculiar.

How does one go from building the critical systems that allow pilots to safely operate an airplane to building a logistics community that reimagines the freight marketplace? Anthony sees similarities in both challenges. “Providing drivers, pilots, and fleet managers with signals, inputs, and processed data to make informed decisions whether they’re optimizing a route, their fleet, or landing a plane—it’s the same challenge in a sense, and I’ve always had a passion for that.” Having family ties to the trucking industry also helped nudge Anthony toward exploring opportunities in logistics.


“Fall in love with the problem, never the solution. The solution will always change.”

With Xpress Technologies, Anthony is leading a division that is democratizing technology once only available to the large and wealthy in the trucking industry. “I love continuous improvement, continuous iterations on anything that we build. Whether it’s a user-facing piece of the product, a machine learning model, or a new piece of infrastructure, iterating and improving these technologies is what drives me because data never stops. Data can always give you the answer.”

Machine learning is the powerful concept of automatically improving through experience and the use of data. Guided by machine learning, Xpress Technologies is building a data-driven model that transcends traditional brokerage and load distribution. At its core, Xpress Technologies is using data to inform and elevate the diverse aspirations of its carriers and shippers, one journey at a time.

Based in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife and two children, Anthony takes pride in applying the concepts of iteration and improvement in both his professional and personal life.