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Recognized in the customer loyalty industry as a most accomplished and promising leader (Loyalty360’s “20 Under 40 Award”), Amy LeBlanc is all about collaboration.

Solving complex puzzles to turn them into solutions through teamwork is what excites Amy LeBlanc and keeps her rolling. It is in her DNA and what drives her to bring her best every day at Xpress Technologies (XT).

With over a decade in the customer loyalty and technology industries, Amy LeBlanc has an impressive and diverse resume. After starting her career in recruiting, Amy quickly pivoted into technical project management followed by PM leadership, then further evolved into a technical operations leader. Most recently, she was the Senior Vice President of Delivery at PrizeLogic, an award-winning digital engagement provider. She has managed teams of all sizes around the globe, and as XT’s Head of Data and Business Services, Amy inspires her team through encouragement with a “take calculated risks” attitude to meet the customers’ needs while solving complex problems. What drives me to get up and go to work every single day is overcoming challenges and working together to make things better and more efficient.

Amy is all about our customers (even if that means solving the impossible over the weekend).

In one of her previous roles, Amy and her team took on a customer’s challenge of creating a brand-new revenue stream proposal in one weekend. Her customer’s need was identified, and when that opportunity knocked, Amy and her team were confident in their talent and accepted the challenge. They took the challenge head-on and worked through the weekend to propose a solution that left the customer grateful. The results? After only four months, under Amy’s leadership, the team built an entire end-to-end system infrastructure and website to support a whole new line of business. (Wow!)

What drives me to get up and go to work every single day is solving problems.

Amy is not new to the start-up world. She was employee number twelve at SheKnows, an online women’s magazine, where she experienced hypergrowth and building a company from the ground up first-hand. Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive within the team, Amy takes pride in the fact they built fundamental processes for a successful onboarding experience. In one and half years, SheKnows grew to over 150 employees, through which Amy learned “the good, bad, and ugly of rapid growth.” Amy learned through her work in technology, growth, and innovation that “the puzzle pieces don’t go one way. Technology and tech companies are always evolving, so you must be nimble and agile in order to be successful. The instant you become unwilling to evolve, you’ve lost.” Utilizing her systems and process tools, Amy and her team appreciated the value of taking risks and the rewards of building successes together.

“You can be a leader at every level.”

As the only female senior leader in technology companies she worked in previously, Amy understands the importance of encouraging others’ voices to be heard and being an advocate for her teammates. “Regardless of your title, you can be a leader at every level. Holding true to your voice, being respectful, and acting with the utmost integrity.” She also inspires her team to take risks and to take steps out of their comfort zone.

Amy understands that it can be uncomfortable to bring a different point of view to the table, but she advises to “trust your voice. There is a respectful way to bring new ideas and challenge the norm. A key to doing that is asking the why. Understanding ‘The Why’ exposes the root cause, which might expose a new way to approach the problem/challenge at hand. It also provides you with a richer understanding of what we are looking to achieve or solve. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you are not asking ‘The Why’”. Amy firmly believes that everyone has something to bring to the table with their unique backgrounds and opinions and that these different points of view set companies up for success and can lead to better solutions. “If you don’t listen to your employees and source ideas from all levels, we will never unlock our true potential.”

You are doing a disservice to yourself by not asking ‘The Why’.

Building an inclusive and honest culture is very important to Amy, and she’s passionate about integrity, support, and collaboration in the workplace. A unique part about start-ups is the culture of togetherness that exists. “Start-ups have a unique culture to them. I believe it is especially important to try to preserve that tight-knit culture through the evolution to a mid-sized operation. Carrying that culture through can set your organization apart and provide a unique and rich environment.” Amy is also very passionate about building efficiency through processes that can grow and evolve. “By building strong processes, you let people shine and be successful in their roles and remove churn from the system.” As mentioned, Amy is all about customers and lifting her team up to be the best that they can be.

Amy LeBlanc is a proud ASU W.P. Carey alum, Certified Scrum Master, and Certified Master of Project Management. Outside of work she spends time with her husband, daughter, two pups, and her friends and family. “Forks Up!”