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Frequently Asked Questions

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By saving you time: The Xpress Technologies App uses machine learning technology to understand what lanes you like to drive and what loads you like to take so we can recommend great loads for you. This means you’ll spend less time looking for loads and more time on the road.

Please contact our Technical Support Team at (480) 646-3545. They are available to help you 6am – 6pm PST daily and are additionally available for feedback.

The Xpress Technologies App features a streamlined interface designed around the unique needs of carriers. Built by truckers for truckers, the Xpress Technologies App features light and dark modes and is entirely structured around a single purpose; to make running a carrier business easier.

My Loads Schedule
Take control of your load schedule for all trucks in your fleet—whether you’re an owner-operator or manage multiple trucks—and plan out your upcoming weeks directly from your mobile phone in a manner of minutes. Keep your trucks loaded using a week-by-week calendar view to find gaps in your freight schedule and easily fill them with active load opportunities directly within the app.

Searchless Loads
Have a lane you like to run? Got an available truck? With “My Lanes” and “Post Trucks”, Xpress Technologies will show you loads that match your preferences and availability, so you don’t have to be constantly searching. Xpress Technologies does the searching for you.

Enhanced Map Search
For carriers that like to see the bigger picture, Xpress Technologies displays nearby loads on an interactive map to give you a visual sense of load opportunities in your area and allows you to quickly refine your searches across the U.S. using advanced filters.

Carrier-Centric Design
Xpress Technologies features a streamlined interface designed around the unique needs of carriers. Built by truckers for truckers, Xpress Technologies features light and dark modes and is entirely structured around a single purpose; to make running a carrier easier.

Xpress Technologies is the company born from the union of U.S. Xpress and Haulynx. As we have developed as a company, we wanted to transition towards a more unified sense of one team that embraced both parts of our company.

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. In other words, machine learning technology takes information such as lanes you generally travel and learns your preferred behaviors to suggest more relevant freight for you.

The Xpress Technologies App makes it easier than ever for you to find and book lanes yourself, but if you prefer, a broker will still be able to book lanes for you.

Registration with RMIS is now integrated into our onboarding process. RMIS ensures that you have the right insurance qualifications to take loads with Xpress Technologies.

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