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What are the benefits for carriers?

You now have Instant access to the Xpress Technologies (XT) Carrier Platform with the option of finalizing the second phase of the RMIS registration later. Our partnership with RMIS allows the entire setup process to take place in about 15 min. These 15 min could save you countless hours searching for freight by switching to the XT platform!

Instead of spending time searching for and evaluating loads, our platform uses machine learning to predict and suggest loads for you: the more you use the platform, the more relevant your suggested loads will be.

Where can I go to sign up?

To sign up visit

What information is needed to complete registration?

a. Your MC/MX # and/or DOT #

b. Contact details for the person authorized to enter into and bind your company to any agreements

c. Taxpayer identification number (TIN) to complete an electronic W-9

d. Certificate of Insurance

e. Two trade references

f. Payment option details

Do I need to complete the full RMIS registration to view and book loads in the XT platform?

No, you don’t need to go through the full RMIS registration to view and book loads. We have what is referred to as a “Y-Form” after all legal information has been collected – from this point you will be given the option to “Find and Book Loads” OR “Complete RMIS information”. However, if you would like to receive payment you will need to complete the second phase of the registration.

What is RMIS?

Registry Monitoring Insurance Services or RMIS is the leading provider of compliance services in the logistics industries. RMIS allows brokerages to ensure the legal compliance of carriers they work with and allows carriers to register for direct deposit.

Why do I need to register?

RMIS is part of our onboarding process. In order to take loads with us, you need to prove that you are compliant with all federal regulations. RMIS ensures that you are.

What if I already have insurance?

Great! RMIS is NOT an insurance provider. You’ll need your insurance provider to register.

I’ve registered with RMIS through another company. Do I still need to re-register?

You just need to register with Xpress Technologies (XT) in that case. When you login through RMIS, your information should autofill. You will still need to fill in any questions related to Xpress Technologies in particular.

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